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Gambling can be addictive, and individuals often struggle to break free from its grasp. To help with this process, provides a practical guide on how to stop gambling addiction. The first step involves reflecting on why gambling has become so attractive in the first place. It can provide valuable insight into one’s motivations for gambling and what needs to be done to break free.

The next step is to limit exposure to gambling triggers. It is tough to avoid something if it is present in our environment, as is the case with ice cream. The same holds for gambling – removing anything that reminds someone of their past experiences can help them break away. For this reason, we recommend taking steps such as switching email addresses, phone numbers, and streaming services, which are more likely to contain gambling-related material.

To assist those who want to quit gambling, here is a 3-step action plan:

  1. Ask yourself what gambling is doing for you.
  2. Sign up for the Change Plan Course to get started.
  3. Clean up your physical space by switching email addresses and phone numbers and avoiding TV channels with gambling commercials.

By following these steps, individuals can better understand their motivations for gambling and take concrete actions to reduce their exposure to gambling triggers. Ultimately, this can lead to a healthier lifestyle free from addiction.

How to stop gambling addiction in Florida
How to stop gambling in Florida

How to decrease your exposure to gambling ads?

Gambling help In Florida

As a compulsive gambler in Florida, here are some more resources that can be helpful.  

  • (We challenge you to challenge yourself)
  • Gambler’s Anonymous Florida (Classic 12 steps, or read QG vs. GA).
  • Florida Council on Problem Gambling, hotline: 888-ADMIT-IT 
  • Suicidal thoughts? Please Call: The National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255

Many in Florida struggle with gambling addiction and are searching for resources to help them overcome this compulsive habit. There are a variety of organizations available offering support to those who need it most. Gambling support is abundant in Florida, from Gamblers Anonymous meetings to specialized counseling services.

For those seeking assistance, speaking with their doctor or mental health provider is always a great place to start. They can provide referrals to local resources such as and Gamblers Anonymous (GA) meetings, which offer free peer-support programs and valuable information about responsible gaming habits. GA Florida also provides educational materials on understanding gambling addiction and tips on managing impulsivity when engaging in gambling-related activities. In addition, various treatment centers throughout the state specialize in treating problem gamblers. You can find these facilities via the gambling helpline: 888-ADMIT-IT.

The gambling treatment centers provide individualized therapy sessions and group workshops for people suffering from pathological gambling behavior. With the proper guidance and education, individuals can learn more about why they gamble compulsively and develop healthy coping strategies for avoiding relapse into destructive behaviors associated with gambling addiction.

Suppose you’re gambling in Florida and want to quitIt’s important to know that help is also available in neighboring states. Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi all have resources for problem gambling, including hotlines, support groups, and counseling services.


Online Community – Gambling Support

Say you don’t want go to support meetings, visit a therapist or dial a hotline number, then an online community like is a substitute. Online, you can remain completely anonymous, you don’t need to admit any gambling problems and you can stay at home.

3 Images from Community
Images from Community
  • Online Community with +3,500 members
  • Animated Video courses
  • Mobile App
  • Forum, Support Groups, Chat
  • Guides

The membership on is free, and you can work with video courses, find support among the members, or read some of the guides. is perfect if you want to stop gambling and don’t want to tell anybody about it.  

You’re not alone anymore!

Florida Council On Compulsive Gambling

Gambling addiction is a severe problem that requires attention. Awareness of the resources available to help those in need is essential for supporting and assisting. The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling (FCCG) strives to raise public awareness about this issue by offering referral services, training opportunities, and other resources. As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power”, and understanding the available options can empower individuals to make positive life changes.

The FCCG provides numerous resources to support those struggling with gambling addiction:

  • Operates the state’s confidential 24-hour multilingual HelpLine (888-ADMIT-IT)
  • Develops and conducts prevention, education, and outreach programs
  • Designs and presents professional training opportunities
  • Trains medical and other health care practitioners to assess and treat
  • Offers resource development services

The FCCG 24-Hour confidential, multilingual HelpLine at 888-ADMIT-IT (236-4848) is there to answer questions about treatment and begin the referral process immediately. You can find more information regarding recovery paths on the FCCG’s website.

It is important to remember that no one should have to face a gambling addiction alone. With the help of the FCCG and its many resources, individuals can take steps towards getting the assistance they need and living healthier lives.

Gamblers Anonymous Fl

Breaking the cycle of gambling can feel like an uphill battle, but it is possible. The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling provides resources to help Floridians struggling with problem gambling. One particular resource is Gamblers Anonymous Tampa, which offers 12-step meetings and support groups for those affected by compulsive gambling. Through these meetings, individuals can receive guidance and encouragement from others dealing with the same issues.

Gambling addictions have been linked to serious emotional distress, which can lead down a dangerous path if left unchecked. Fortunately, numerous resources are available throughout Florida explicitly designed for those suffering from problem gambling behaviors. Gamblers Anonymous Miami provides support meetings weekly. The support groups help with dedication, courage, and putting proper support systems in place. One may be able to begin walking down a healthier road toward recovery, free from the bondage of addiction once again.

Alternatively to GA in Florida, you can download a stop gambling app to work on yourself from home. You find a list of the best stop gambling addiction apps here on

How To Self-Exclude From Casinos In Florida

Unfortunately, there is no official compulsive gambling self-exclusion program in Florida. However, individuals can still take measures to self-ban themselves from the casinos they most often visit. According to gambling statistics, about 90% of people with a gambling disorder will likely relapse within one year without treatment. To help combat this issue, here are four steps to consider:

  1. Take a friend with you for support when visiting the casino.
  2. Self-exclude yourself from any casino or other gambling places you frequent.
  3. Set up triggers that remind you not to gamble, such as blocking websites and canceling memberships.
  4. Seek professional assistance if needed.

Although there may not be a state-wide program for gambling prevention, taking these precautions will help individuals regain control over their gambling habits and reduce the risk of relapse.

Are you betting online?

Online gambling is still illegal in Florida, and there are no official registers or programs to block these casinos. Alternatively, individuals can use applications such as Gamban or Betblocker that help restrict access to online gambling sites. These apps:

  • Learn to Speak Up – Understand when and how to express your feelings effectively.
  • See the Signs – Look for specific behaviors indicating a gambling problem.
  • Prevent Co-Dependence – Ensure you do not become overly reliant on the addict’s behavior.

Nonviolent Communication techniques, videos, and an action plan are also included in the guide to aid those wishing to help a gambling addict.

Assistance For Family And Friends In Florida

If you have someone close to you who is struggling with gambling addiction, it can be challenging to know how to help. offers support for the affected others and provides a platform to ask questions of other co-dependants and ex-compulsive gamblers. A guide on 21 ways to protect yourself from a gambling spouse is available to help those in this difficult situation. Here are 3 key points to remember:

  • Learn to Speak Up – Understand when and how to express your feelings effectively.
  • See the symptoms of gambling addiction – Look for specific behaviors indicating a gambling problem.
  • Prevent Co-Dependence – Ensure you do not become overly reliant on the addict’s behavior.

Nonviolent Communication techniques, videos, and an action plan are also included in the guide to aid those wishing to help a gambling addict.

Family and friends of gamblers in Florida are vital in helping those struggling with problem gambling. There are resources available for them, both online and offline, that can help guide how to support their loved ones best.

  • Online: The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling is a great source of information about treatment centers and support groups throughout the state. They also offer free webinars, newsletters, and other educational materials about compulsive gambling prevention and intervention.
  • Offline: Gam-Anon is an organization dedicated to helping family members cope with a relative’s addiction. They offer 12-step meetings around the state and telephone hotlines where individuals can get confidential advice from trained counselors.

Family members must understand that they cannot control someone else’s behavior or thoughts, but they can still be there to listen and provide emotional support when needed. It takes courage for someone struggling with a gambling problem to ask for help – having the love and understanding of close family members makes all the difference in getting through this difficult time.


Are There Any Gambling Addiction Hotlines In Florida?

There are two gambling addiction hotlines in the state of Florida:

  • 888-ADMIT-IT
  • 1800-GAMBLER

The hotlines are for those seeking gambling information or guidance regarding how to stop gambling in Florida. Numerous government agencies offer helpful advice and resources that may prove useful in overcoming this destructive habit.

From treatment centers offering specialized therapies to educational materials outlining responsible gaming practices, there are plenty of options for Floridians looking for ways to break free from problematic behaviors associated with online wagering and other betting activity.

Let’s stop gambling Florida

Some resources available around the state of Florida can assist with overcoming gambling addiction, such as hotlines and counseling services. If these measures aren’t enough, legal online gaming sites may offer alternatives that reduce temptation while providing entertainment at the same time.

Suppose you’re not ready to join a GA meeting or looking for an alternative. We recommend you check out the online platform Online, you can remain 100% anonymous, find peers from all over the world, and work on yourself from the comfort of your home.

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