Calling a gambling addiction hotline?

Change can only come from you, but it’s much easier with some help. Calling a gambling hotline can get you started on your path to becoming gambling free. Calls are confidential and free; you can hang up anytime.


  • List of gambling addiction hotline numbers
  • What happens when you call?
  • Alternatives to calling a hotline

World list of gambling hotlines

We have listed every gambling addiction hotline number we could find online. If you know about any others, please send a message to us so we can include them in our list.

Gambling addiction hotlines in Canada

StatePhone numberChatNameOrganisation
Alberta1-866-461-1259Alberta Problem Gambling Resources Network PGRN
British Columbia1-888-795-6111British Columbia Problem Gambling Help Line BCRG
Manitoba1-800-463-1554Manitoba Addictions Help Line – Problem GamblingAidejeu
Newfoundland1-888-899-4357Newfoundland Problem Gambling Help Line MsSociety
New Brunswick1-800-461-1234Gambling Information LineGNB
Nova Scotia1-888-347-8888Nova Scotia Problem Gambling Help Line MHA
Ontario1-866-531-2600ConnexOntario Help LineConnex
Prince Edward Island1-855-255-4255Prince Edward Island Problem Gambling Help Line Health PEI
Quebec1-800-461-0140Quebec Gambling: Help and Referral
Saskatchewan1-800-306-6789Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline SPGH
Yukon1-866-456-3838Yukon Mental Wellness and Substance Use Services

Gambling Addiction Hotlines in the US

If you have a gambling problem and you want to talk to somebody in the US, there are many betting addiction hotlines The National Council on Problem Gambling has a hotline number that is available in every state. The NCPG hotline number is 800-GAMBLER. Most states have their own support program with a hotline. If that’s the case, we’ve added that below. The national problem gambling hotline 800 GAMBLER is about to become the new country phone number. If you want to read more about 800 Gambler, you find an article about it here.

StateHotline numberChatNameOrganizationLanguages
Alabama211Compulsive gambling Support lineALCCGEng
Alaska1-800-522-4700National Gambling Hotline NCPG Eng, all
Arizona800.777.7207Confidential Peer Support Helpline AZCCG
Arkansas1-800-522-4700National Compulsive Gambling Hotline NCPG Eng, all
California1-800-GAMBLERCalifornia Gambling Addiction HotlineCALPGEng, all
Colorado1-800-522-4700National Gambling Hotline NCPG Eng, all
Connecticut888.789.7777CCPG Problem gambling hotline CCPG Eng, Spa
Delaware888.850.8888Confidential helpline  DEPG Eng
Wash DC1-800-522-4700National Gambling Hotline NCPG Eng, all
Florida888-ADMIT-IT Florida Gambling hotline FCCG Eng, Spa
Georgia1-866-922-7369Georgia Crisis and Access Line DBHDD Eng
Hawaii1-800-522-4700National Gambling Hotline NCPG Eng, all
Idaho1-800-522-4700National Gambling Hotline NCPG Eng, all
Illinois1 800-GAMBLERIllinois Gambling helpline IDHS Eng, all
Indiana800.994.8448Indiana Gambling Help Line ICPG Eng
Iowa1-888-BETSOFFIowa problem gambling hotline YLI Eng
Kansas1-800-522-4700National Gambling Hotline NCPG Eng, all
Kentucky1-800-GAMBLER1-800-GAMBLER KYKYCPGEng, all
Louisiana1-877-770-STOP (7867)Help for gambling LACGEng
Maine211Maine’s Problem Gambling Hotline MCPG Eng
Maryland1-800-GAMBLER1-800-GAMBLER MD MDPG Eng, all
Massachusetts1-800-GAM-1234Confidential help for problem gambling MACGH Eng
Michigan1-800-270-7117Michigan gambling hotline MDHHS Eng
Minnesota800.333.HOPE (4673)Minnesota gamblers hotline MNAPG Eng
Mississippi1-888-777-9696Mississippi problem gambling hotline MCPCG Eng
Missouri1-888-BETSOFF1-888-BETSOFF MACPG Eng
Montana888.900.99791 and 1 support number Montana MTPG Eng
Nebraska833-BETOVER (238-6837)Nebraska confidential gambling helpline BETOVER Eng
Nevada1-800-522-4700National Gambling Hotline NCPG Eng, all
New Hampshire1-800-522-4700National helpline number NCPG Eng, all
New Jersey1-800-GAMBLER1-800-GAMBLER NJ CCNJ Eng, all
New Mexico1-800-572-1142Help is available 24/7 NMCPG Eng, Spa
New York1-877-8-HOPENYNY Gambling hotline OASAS Eng
North Carolina1-800-522-4700National Gambling Hotline NCPG Eng, all
North Dakota1-800-522-4700National Gambling Hotline NCPG Eng, all
Ohio1.800.589.9966Gambling helpline OhioOPGORDEng
Oklahoma1-800-522-4700National Gambling Hotline NCPG Eng, all
Oregon1-877-695-4648Oregon Problem Gambling Resource OPGR Eng, all
Pennsylvania1-800-GAMBLER1-800-GAMBLER PA PAC Eng, all
Rhode Island401-354-2877Gambling problem phone number RI RICPG Eng, all
South Carolina1-800-522-4700National Gambling Hotline NCPG Eng, all
South Dakota1-800-522-4700National Gambling Hotline NCPG Eng, all
Tennessee1-800-522-4700National Gambling Hotline NCPG Eng, all
Texas1-800-522-4700National Gambling Hotline NCPG Eng, all
Utah1-800-522-4700National Gambling Hotline NCPG Eng, all
Vermont802-488-6000Howard Center helplineHCHEng, all
Virginia1.888.532.3500Gambling addiction hotline Virginia VCPG Eng, all
Washington800.547.6133Evergreen 24-hour Helpline Evergreen Eng, all
West Virginia1-800-GAMBLER1-800-GAMBLER WV PGHN Eng, all
Wisconsin1-800-426-2535Gambling addiction hotline Virginia WIPG Eng
Wyoming1-800-522-4700Gambling help hotline Wyoming NCPG Eng, all

Gambling Addiction Hotlines in Europe

The European gambling market is quite diverse. Some countries are strongly regulated, and others have no gambling regulations at all. Below you find a list of gambling helplines we’ve found in Europe.

CountryPhone numberChatNameOrganization
Austria Spieler Hilfe
Belgium0800/35.777SOS GAMBLING Commission
Bulgaria0888-99-18-66National Gambling helpline NDAGH
Cyprus1454 or 1456Cyprus Gambling Problem Hotline SA
Czech Republic+420 222 580 697The Prague Helpline CSSP
DenmarkSpillmyndigheten SMDK
Estonia+372 6825 243Gambling Addiction Counselling 15410
Finland0800 100 101Finish Gambling Problem hotline Peluuri
Germany0800 0776611Gluecksspielsucht Problem Gambling Hotline GSS
Hungary+30 211 107 5000Hungary Problem Gambling Helpline Emberbara
Ireland1800 753 753GambleAware Gambling Helpline GambleAware
Italy+39 800 558822Italy Help line Gambling  ISS
Malta1777Malta Gambling Addiction Hotline RGF
Netherlands0800 – 22 777 22Gambling Helpline Netherlands AGOG
Norway800 800 40Hjelpelinjen Pengespill Helplinjen
Switzerland041 367 48 47Spielsucht Hilfe Careplay
Slovakia02 / 5341 7464Free Helpline for gambling problems CPLDZ
Slovenia+386 533 83 200Gamblers hotline Slovenia ZDGO
Spain900 533 025Problem gambling therapy helpline Fejar
Sweden020-819100Problem Gambling Helpline Stödlinjen
United Kingdom0808 8020 133UK National Gambling Helpline GambleAware

Gambling addiction hotlines other Countries

Below follow a list of countries where we have found helplines for gambling addicts. If you know of any other countries with a gambler’s helpline, please send us a message and we’ll add that to the list.

CountryPhone numberChatNameOrganisation
Australia1800 858 858Australia National Gambling Helpline GHO
Australia Mult Cult1800 752 948Aboriginal gambling support
Hong Kong1834 633Ping Wo Fund hotlinePing Wo
New Zeeland0800 654 655Gambling Help hotline NZ Gambling Helpline
Singapore800 6 66866Gambling Numbers
South Africa0800 006 008South Africa Gambling helpline

What happens when you call a gambling hotline?

Let’s begin by downsizing the call. Calling a gambling help hotline can take a few minutes, but it could be the starting point of something big. We fear speaking up about our problems because we feel shame. DON*T WORRY, the people on the gambling hotline has heard it all. Nothing you’ll say will chock them.

So, what happens when you call a betting addiction hotline? The call will be answered by a kind, well-trained person who is there to listen and give you some guidance. It’s up to you what you choose to make of the information. A typical call could begin like this:

  • Hi! Welcome to the gambling hotline. My name is X. How can I help you today?
  • Hey, I need help! I lost my last money yesterday and don’t know what to do. My partner doesn’t know anything. I MUST STOP GAMBLING, but I can’t…
  • Okay, let’s see what we can do for you…

The gambling hotline rarely does any treatment or counseling itself. The mission is to be the first contact point: To listen to the caller, assess the situation, and refer the person to different addiction treatment options. More about that later.

Example of a helpline specialist from the Nebraska Commission on Gambling Problems

How does a gambling hotline work?

Printscreen of 800 GAMBLER website

People are often desperate when they call a gambling addiction number. The staff at the gambling helpline are specially trained to keep calm, and the first step is to create rapport (a fancy word for connection) with the caller. To establish rapport, the staff mainly listens to the caller. When the caller feels heard, the second step is understanding the problem gambler’s situation.

  • What is going on in their lives?
  • How long have they been gambling?
  • Does anybody around them know?
  • Are they ready to stop gambling?

In the third step, the staff at the gambling hotline number focuses on giving information. Informing about gambling addiction, how it works, why people get addicted to gambling, etc. Commonly, callers don’t know that gambling can be addictive.

The fourth step is a brief intervention. The intervention helps build motivation in the caller for the next step, to act. In the fifth step, the staff of the gambling addiction phone number explains the next viable step. What support options does the caller have?

The final part of the call summarizes what the conversation has covered. For the staff, it’s vital to ensure that the caller feels satisfied, that the next step fits their expectations, and that there aren’t any further questions.

For the gambling addiction hotline, the goal of the call is to get you to the next step. To get the caller to seek further support. Suppose you want to know more about the process. You can read the following article.

Alternatives to calling a gambling addiction hotline

If you’re not ready to call a gambling help hotline, you’re most welcome to explore further. On, you’ll find a bunch of self-help resources, support groups, videos, guides, and even a community of problem gambling heroes who wants to stop gambling once and for all.

An alternative to a gambling hotline could be to talk with the members of the 2200+ member large community on You can ask anything, make friends among the members, and start working on yourself to become gambling free. All resource on is free to use, and you can work in the comfort of your home on the mobile app or desktop.

If you recently relapsed, we can recommend the relapse guide. The guide is indented to help forgive yourself and get back on your feet. If you want to know more about addiction and how to break free, we recommend the following guide.

What help can you expect from the gambling addiction hotline?

Help you can get from a gambling hotline

There are some things someone with a gambling disorder can expect from a problem gambling hotline. Here are some things:

  1. Get things off your chest. Talk to someone that knows how to listen. It’ll allow you to talk about things you might never have told anybody. The person on the gambling hotline is also specialized in gambling addiction.
  2. You’ll get information about problem gambling, gambling addiction, local resources, and safer gambling. You can also get book tips, videos, and linked information if you want to know more.
  3. Self-help tools. Many gambling addiction hotlines offer self-help tools as part of their service. The quality of these self-help tools varies between gambling hotlines. Some offer information about healing relationships, setting goals, managing urges, and creating new habits. If you are looking for self-help tools to stop gambling, is probably a better option for you. You can read more about the tools you find here.
  4. As part of the next viable action step, you’ll be offered counseling, appointments with a therapist, or information about support meetings in your area. Calling the hotline is free, but some treatment options cost money depending on where you live.
  5. The problem gambling hotline can set up a follow-up call if you want. It could be a good option if you want some support later.
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