Hidden Opinions in Nonviolent Communication

Our language often hides opinions. If you want to improve your communication, learning how to avoid these mistakes is vital. In the list below, you find opinions rather than feelings.

Opinion vs observation vs feeling nonviolent communication

Sometimes, we say, “I feel you should know be better”. We make it sound like it’s a feeling. But it’s an interpretation of what we think you understand. Many other words sound like feelings but are hidden opinions. Here are a few examples:

  1. Betrayed (opinion about what you’ve done)
  2. Ignored
  3. Diminished
  4. Manipulated
  5. Taken advantage of
  6. Disrespected
  7. Unappreciated
  8. Misunderstood
  9. Abandoned
  10. Criticized
  11. Judged
  12. Belittled
  13. Controlled
  14. Suffocated
  15. Invalidated
  16. Oppressed
  17. Insulted
  18. Neglected
  19. Embarrassed (when someone else is involved)
  20. Ashamed (when someone else is involved)
  21. Blamed
  22. Patronized
  23. Threatened
  24. Excluded
  25. Hated
  26. Despised
  27. Rejected

How do you know? You can’t feel rejected without anyone else being involved! Remember, your feelings are based on your needs. When you feel rejected, your true feelings could be anger, sadness, frustration, etc., because your need for inclusion isn’t met.

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