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  • How to help an addict that doesn’t understand his problem.

    We want to create the ultimate guide for relatives of someone with gambling problems. An ultimate guide would: Give hope… Give power… Give help… Give alternatives… Give something unique… Give […]

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  • Help for degenerate gamblers

    Whether you’re gambling or want to help a degenerate gambler, this is a guide for you. We know you’re in a tough spot, and we want to do our best […]

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  • Why 1600 people Gamble

    Looking for data about gambling behaviours, gambling problems and gambling addiction is difficult. Who can you trust when everyone reports different numbers?  Below you’ll find a translation of a report […]

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  • How to apply self-empathy to padel

    Self-empathy is useful in many areas of life. Here is an example of how I applied it to my mistakes while playing padel. When I play padel, I have very […]

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  • NVC in my life – Listen with Empathy

    I’ve reached a point in my NVC development where I understand the basic structure of NVC, but I still find it hard to apply.When can I use NVC? Do you […]

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  • Why do people gamble?

    We often get the question: Why do people gamble from friends and family members of gamblers. They don’t understand how a person can continue to gamble, even if it’s hurting […]

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  • QG – A stop gambling addiction app

    If you’re looking for a mobile app that can help you stop gambling, this is the article for you. We will present our Quit Gamble app and look at other […]

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  • Research behind QuitGamble is based on the assumption that pain is the cause of addiction. It’s the escape from the pain we get addicted to. Alcohol, drugs, and gambling are just ways […]

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  • Damn Parasite

    Dear Mr. Gambling Devil! This letter is for you, you damn parasite! You enter people’s lives with the belief that YOU will bring happiness, love, and joy. You are always […]

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  • Does Gamban work? A Gamban review

    So, what is the most critical question you want to be answered? CAN GAMBAN HELP ME STOP GAMBLING? The answer is YES; by blocking access to gambling sites that are […]

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