• QuitGamble research

    Research behind QuitGamble

    QuitGamble.com is based on the assumption that pain is the cause of addiction. It’s the escape from the pain we get addicted to. Alcohol, drugs, and gambling are just ways to escape the pain. The theory that it’s the environment that causes the addiction is inspired by Professor Bruce Alexander’s famous Rat park experiments in Continue reading Research behind QuitGamble

  • Damn parasite - Gambling devil

    Damn Parasite

    Dear Mr. Gambling Devil! This letter is for you, you damn parasite! You enter people’s lives with the belief that YOU will bring happiness, love, and joy. You are always there, just waiting for the right opportunity to strike. You are cunning and come creeping slowly, but surely, When people feel bad… When people need Continue reading Damn Parasite

  • Gamban review – Does Gamban work? So, what is the most critical question you want to be answered? CAN GAMBAN HELP ME STOP GAMBLING? The answer is YES; by blocking access to gambling sites that are not covered by Gamstop, Spelpaus, or similar national blocking services, Gamban can help limit your access to gambling opportunities. Continue reading Does Gamban work? A Gamban review

  • Alternative to Gamblers anonymous Before we begin, we’d like to point out that we don’t see QG as a competitor to GA. We’re all doing our best to help people with gambling problems get back to everyday life. If GA works for you, AWESOME! We couldn’t be happier for you! Continue doing what works for Continue reading Alternative to Gamblers anonymous

  • QuitGamble vs Facebook

    Comparison of QG and Facebook

    I’ve been a proud member of Facebook for the past 14 years. Okay, a proud member might be an overstatement, but as vain as I sometimes am, I see myself as an “early adopter” joining in 2006… Facebook has its pros and cons, and when we created QuitGamble.com, we wanted to do something else. This Continue reading Comparison of QG and Facebook

  • Stop gambling with Zoom meetings

    Schedule Zoom Meetings

    We’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible tools to quit gambling. At this stage, we can’t provide meetings like Gamblers Anonymous. Hopefully, that will be a feature in the future. Currently, we’re developing a feature where you as a user can schedule a Zoom Meeting that is hosted through the QG platform. Say Continue reading Schedule Zoom Meetings

  • We have designed QuitGamble.com to offer our members a chance to help themselves, by helping others. We believe this is one of the keys to kick gambling addiction’s ass! We want to maximize the opportunities for acts of kindness, collaboration, and create meaning and purpose. We want to give you a sense of importance by Continue reading Gamification – Upcoming function

  • Stop gambling, and join an environmental movement

    Join something bigger

    QuitGamble.com is designed to encourage people to regain control over their lives. To add some extra spices, we decided to add a point system. For each task, video, and forum post you make, you’ll get some points. The points can later be converted to trees. One of the biggest challenges we face today is global Continue reading Join something bigger

  • Accountability buddy on QG

    Buddy Function

    We’re currently building a Buddy function for QuitGamble.com. The idea is to give each member a Buddy to discuss and follow up with.   QuitGamble.com is online-based. It has both pros and cons. We believe physical meetings are good, and our platform as an excellent complement to that. QG is available when you need it, Continue reading Buddy Function

  • I went out for a walk in the evening. It was raining, snowing and windy… Like the weather gods couldn’t decide what to throw at us. After 40 minutes even my waterproof jacket had started leaking and I could feel the cold. Suddenly I felt a powerful wind and I heard a disturbance on the Continue reading Yesterday something fantastic happened…

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