Author: Anders Bergman

Anders Bergman, MSc, MA

Anders is the editor-in-chief of all content on He is also the author of many articles and the platform’s founder. His interest in psychology and problem-solving has only deepened with hundreds of interviews and thousands of hours helping gambling addicts for the past five years.

Anders is determined to provide the best possible support for problem gamblers worldwide. It includes staying on top of the latest addiction research, using old models in new ways, and he’s not afraid of thinking outside the box.

His writing style is characterized by “writing for the reader”. He doesn’t use fancy words to show off; instead, he tries to use a language the reader is familiar with and uses themselves. It means that the texts are not written to please authorities or trained counselors. The text is written for gambling addicts and people trying to help them.

If you want to know more about Anders or wish to criticize, we recommend the “I’m not” section on the About Us page.



MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, 2012

The main parts of the education supporting this project are critical thinking, logical problem solving, and taking in large amounts of information and interpreting it.


Master of Arts in Economics, 2012

Focus on the bigger picture and see connections between different areas. The degree helped Anders understand society’s financial side and handle the project’s finances.

Informal Education

Anders has read hundreds of books on personal development, psychology, goal setting, time management, motivational speaking, and health. He reads around 60 books annually.

He has also gained experience from talking with gambling addicts daily and testing methods to help people with gambling problems.


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