How to help an addict that doesn’t understand his problem.

We want to create the ultimate guide for relatives of someone with gambling problems. An ultimate guide would:

  1. Give hope…
  2. Give power…
  3. Give help…
  4. Give alternatives…
  5. Give something unique…
  6. Give a clear plan for how to do it…

We’ve put a lot of work into creating the best possible guide for how to help a gambling addict. The video below is the introduction video for that guide.

Introduction video for our how to help a gambling addict guide.

Suppose you found the introduction video interesting. You can find our full guide here.

We want to give our readers and members the best possible support to increase the chances that the person quit gambling.

Members of have access to the chat room and forum to get help from other relatives and ask questions to people with gambling problems. This is a unique feature we are happy to provide.

BUT we want to create something more… We want to answer the ultimate question:

How can a person who doesn’t accept his problem seek help?

If you, as a relative, have talked to the addict and nothing happens. He doesn’t think he has a problem! Why should he change then?

How can we help the person then?

Is there any way out of this? Is the only way for him to accept his problem that he loses everything…? That it’s when he reaches rock bottom. Then he can admit his problem.

It sounds horrible! We don’t accept this! We’ll find a solution to this problem, one for a few strategies to help you as a relative to a gambling addict to convince the person he needs help to stop gambling.

Fundamentals to overcome:

  • You can never get a person to do something they don’t want to do
  • Threats will not work
  • Logic reasoning might not work

With our help, we have the book How to win Friends and Influence People, the Youtube channel Charisma on Command, and our own cunning… Let’s see if we can do what some would say is impossible…

We say I’m possible…

We’re proud of the guide we created to help affected others. Let us know if you find it useful too.

Founder of QuitGamble Anders Bergman
Anders Bergman
Anders Bergman MSc, MA
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