Self exclusion gambling

If you want to stop gambling, we recommend banning yourself from casinos.

This article discusses casino blocking software, how to self exclusion gambling works, and what your options are.


  • We want to show how to self exclude
  • How it helps you stop gambling
  • Show what alternatives you have

banning yourself from casino

On, we want to help you stop gambling. One tool we recommend you explore is to limit access to as many gambling opportunities as possible. It’s not the solution to a gambling problem. But self-excluding from casinos will make it harder to find places to gamble. There are 3 ways you can block gambling:

Get some help to stop gambling.
  1. Sign up for a national/state gambling block program.
  2. Download an online casino blocking software
  3. Visit the venue/website and fill in a self-exclusion form by yourself.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to block gambling in different countries and give you other tips that can help you stay away from gambling.

Advantages of self exclusion gambling

We believe we use gambling as a way to escape. Our brains are incredible, but the brain has its flaws. A gambling-addicted brain will feel an urge to gamble every time it feels some pain. It can be stress, loneliness, anxiety, or any other feeling we don’t want to feel.

  • You can’t gamble in a place you’ve banned yourself from.
  • The venue/casino mustn’t send any commercial to you.
  • It’s a step towards becoming gambling free. An achievement you can be proud of.
  • Helps you relax.
  • You can’t “undo” a gambling self-exclusion until the period has expired.

Or, like a Gamstop user said: “Online was my weakness, I signed up to Gamstop nearly 4 years ago, and it stopped me dead in my tracks. If I could sign up for life, then I would.”

Examples of casino mobile apps

How online gambling self exclusion works

Gambling has never been more accessible. In the past, we had to go to a gambling venue. Today, all we need to do is to open the screen lock on our phones. If you gamble online, an online gambling self exclusion could support your efforts to stop gambling online.  

Depending on where you live, you have different options to ban internet gambling. In regulated markets like Sweden, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and some US states, you can sign up for a national program blocking gambling sites following that jurisdiction. Examples: UK Gambling Commission, Dutch Gambling Commission, Swedish Gambling Authority, and New Jersey Casino Control Commission.

Signing up for any of these programs will automatically give you an online gambling ban for a specific period. Your casino accounts will be blocked, and you’ll not be able to open a new account at any licensed casino in that country.

To know if you can make self exclusion online gambling in your country/state. Use one of the following search terms in Google:

  • Online gambling self exclusion (your location)
  • Your location gambling commission (casino control board)

Unfortunately, only a few countries offer self-exclusion gambling schemes. An alternative is to install an online casino blocking app. These apps specialize in blocking gambling sites and gambling apps. Here are three popular casino blocking software.

  • Gamban
  • Gamblock
  • Betblocker

Curious about Gamban? You can read more in our Gamban review and Betblocker reviews.

Block gambling on iPhone

The best gambling blocker iPhone on the market are Gamblock, Gamban, and Betblocker. The apps are far from perfect, but they make it more challenging to gamble at non Gamstop websites. If you try accessing a gambling-related website while using Gamban, you’ll get an error message: “Sorry! Gamban has blocked this page.”

The blocking software also prevent you from using gambling apps. Some even block other gambling types like crypto, skins, and fantasy sports betting.

Block gambling on Android

If you’re a lucky Android user, there are similar options to block gambling sites on Android mobiles as iOS. If you type how to block gambling sites on Android in Google Play, you’ll find Gamban and Betblocker. To install Gamblock, you need to go via their website.

If you want to know more about gambling addiction apps, you can read our article about the best apps to stop gambling 2024.

State by State Self Exclusion Guide

Self exclude in the US

General things you can do in all states: One way to prevent gambling too much is to block yourself from using ATMs around over 100 gambling venues. To our best knowledge, there are two programs your can sign up for:

  1. Passport Technology
  2. Every STeP program

Below, you’ll find a list of states with a self-exclusion program.


You can ban yourself from casinos in Arizona via the state program. You can read more on the Arizona Department of Gambling and problem gambling. You can also download the self-exclusion form and learn more about the process. The gambling ban covers all Indian Gaming Facilities in Arizona.


Wan to ban yourself from casinos in California? You can fill in the following form. The program doesn’t cover Horse Racing tracks or Tribal Casinos. To block yourself from these venues, you must fill in a self-exclusion form at each gambling venue.


The best gambling blocking in Colorado is to sign up for the state program. You will find the form on Problem Gambling Colorado website. You need to fill in the form and send it to the address at the bottom of the document. The self-exclude from the casinos in Colorado program will remove you from casino marketing lists, terminate all slots club memberships, and cancel any check-cashing options at Colorado casinos.  


The Delaware self-exclusion program prevents you from visiting these venues: The Casino at Delaware Park, Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, and Harrington Raceway & Casino. You find the form here. To submit it, you must visit the: Delaware Lottery, 1575 McKee Road, Suite 102, Dover, DE 19904-1903 in person.


Let’s get you back in control by self-excluding from casinos in Illinois. You can ban yourself from Illinois casinos by filling in the forms here.

According to the website, it “allows persons who have determined they are problem gamblers to self-exclude themselves from all Illinois casinos”. Since 2019, the program has covered sports wagering activities too.


You’ll find the form to apply for the Indiana voluntary self-exclusion program at any state casino or at Indiana Gaming Commission’s office in Indianapolis. As a participant in the self-exclusion program, you’ll be removed from the marketing lists of all casinos and sports betting operators licensed by the Indiana Gaming Commission.


To ban yourself from casinos in Iowa, you can sign up for the casino self-exclusion scheme. The program prohibits entering any casinos licensed by Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (IRGC). It also extends to casinos run by Caesar’s Entertainment, Isle of Capri, Boyd Gaming, and Pinnacle Entertainment. To block yourself from gambling at any of the Tribal casinos, you need to fill out a different application at these casinos.


The Kansas casino banning program covers all state-owned Kansas casinos, including Boot Hill Casino and Resort in Dodge City, Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, and Kansas Crossing Casino in Pittsburg.

You can sign up for the self-ban at these casinos or by contacting Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission at 785-296-5800.


How do I ban myself from casinos in Louisiana can be answered by Louisiana Gaming Control Board (LGCB). They offer a casino self-ban program that prohibits you from gambling activities at all casinos regulated by LGCB. These include ”all licensed riverboat casinos, all pari-mutuel live racing facility casinos, and the official gaming establishment (Land based casino) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

To sign up for the self-ban, you need to visit the office of the Gaming Operations Section in person.


You can sign up for the Main self-exclusion program to block gambling in Maine. As a participant, you’re not allowed to enter any casinos in Maine licensed by the Maine Gambling Control Board. Here you find a list of locations you can apply for the program.


If you have a gambling problem in Maryland, you can add yourself to the self-exclusion list. The program is voluntary and will prevent the applicant from entering and gambling at any of the casinos in Maryland. You can also choose to ban yourself from the Maryland Lottery.


The program prohibits you from entering the gaming floor on any casino regulated by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, MGC. To enroll in the program, please call 617.533.9737 or send MGC an email:


Can you ban yourself from a casino in Mississippi? According to the Mississippi Gaming Commission and Choctaw Gaming Commission, you can prohibit entering the premises of all Mississippi casinos regulated by them. If you want to enroll, you need to file the following form and visit any of the MGC Offices in the Southern, Northern districts or in Jackson.


Missouri Gaming Commission controls the statewide self-exclusion program in Missouri. If you participate, the casinos block all marketing materials. They also stop you from cashing checks or being a VIP club member.

To apply for the gambling ban program, you must fill out this form.

New Jersey

In NJ, you can self-exclude yourself from Atlantic City’s casino facilities and all online casinos regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

The program can help you handle gambling urges by prohibiting you from entering the premises of all New Jersey casinos regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. It also prohibits casinos from sending marketing material or promotions to you. You can download the application form here.

New Mexico

The New Mexico self-exclusion program will help you withstand the temptation to gamble by prohibiting you from entering all racetracks, casinos, and gaming facilities in New Mexico! You can enroll by contacting New Mexico Gaming Control Board (NMGCB) on their website or by calling (505)841-9700. If it’s more convenient, you can also self-exclude yourself via the casinos.

New York

New York voluntary self-exclusion program can help you limit your opportunities to gamble. By preventing individuals from entering all forms of gambling regulated by the New York State Gaming Commission. The program includes horse racing, off-track betting, video lottery gaming, and commercial casinos.

If you find a casino or betting facility that isn’t covered by the self-exclusion casino program in New York, we recommend you ask a friend/family member to go to the place to self-ban yourself.

To apply, you can download the following form and submit it and send it by post to New York State Gaming Commission.

Director of Education & Community Relations

PO Box 7500

Schenectady, New York 12301-7500


Ohio’s Voluntary Exclusion Program prohibits you from entering Ohio racetracks, casinos, and gaming facilities! The program will also take you off marketing lists to prevent casinos from direct marketing.

You need to fill in an application on Ohio Casino Control’s website.


The program helps you ban yourself from entering any casino in Oklahoma for 2 years or a lifetime if you prefer.

You’ll find all the information you need to sign up for the program in the following PDF.

West Virginia

Self-exclude from casinos in West Virginia. The program supports you by restricting individuals from entering state casinos and all gambling venues, including online sports-books and casinos.

The program also blocks the casinos from targeting you with direct marketing campaigns or casino promotions.


The Wisconsin casino program helps you ban yourself from entering any casino operated by HCG-Wisconsin Gaming Enterprises. It also prohibits casinos from sending marketing material or promotions to you. Learn more about the program by calling MGC on 573/526-4080.

Self exclude in Sweden

Sweden is a unique gambling market where Svenska Spel still has a near monopoly on physical games. If a Swede wants to self-exclude, they can visit and sign up for a year at the time.

If you sign up at Spelpaus, you get an online gambling ban from all casinos with a Swedish license. You’re not allowed to enter any physical casinos in Sweden. (Yes, they check ID) Even laying a bet at a betting shop is impossible since you need a Svenska Spel card. The Swedish self exclusion gambling program also covers slot machines in bars and clubs since the user needs a card there too.

Self exclude in Australia / New Zealand

In Australia, the self-exclusion programs are specific for each territory. You can read more on the following page:

Self exclude in the UK

GAMSTOP is a self exclusion scheme for UK customers who wants banning online gambling. The program covers all online casinos and apps licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. We recommend combining GAMSTOP with casino blocking software, to get extra protection. To sign up, visit

Self exclude in Denmark

The Danish gambling authorities offer their citizens a self exclusion program called ROFUS. The program covers all online gambling in Denmark and all land-based casinos. While at the program, you’ll not be able to register at any casinos carrying a Danish gambling license. You can read more, and register via

Self exclude in Other Countries

If there is no national program for self-exclusion in your country. You can always visit the casinos and ask to self-exclude in person. Bring a friend with you that can support you, and make sure you don’t gamble instead. While at the gambling venue, you can also ask whether they know about anyhow to ban myself from casino schemes on a national/state level.

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