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Struggling to overcome gambling addiction in Oklahoma? Let’s guide you toward recovery with our support.

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Let’s Get Started

Gambling can be an engaging activity for many reasons. It can provide a sense of escapism, relaxation, and excitement. Understanding why this activity is so appealing to enable the journey to become gambling-free is important. The first step in this process is to ask yourself questions like ‘What is gambling doing for me?‘ and ‘What happens when I gamble?‘. Once these questions are answered, several steps can be taken to limit exposure to triggers:

  1. Switch email addresses, phone numbers, and streaming services to avoid watching TV channels with gambling commercials.
  2. If playing online, download and install Gamban.
  3. Creating a clean physical space is essential to removing any gambling-related apps or items that remind you of gambling.
  4. Signing up for a free account with the QG community and completing the Happiness Test.

Doing these things will help decrease exposure to triggers and increase the chances of successfully quitting gambling.

Decrease your exposure to gambling ads:

Gambling help In Oklahoma

As a compulsive gambler in Oklahoma, here are some more resources that can be helpful.

  • (We challenge you to challenge yourself)
  • Gambler’s Anonymous Oklahoma (Classic 12-steps, or read QG vs. GA)
  • Call national gambling hotline 1800-GAMBLER
  • Oklahoma Association on Problem and Compulsive Gambling
  • Please Call National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Oklahoma has solid traditions and deep-rooted values but has its share of gambling problems. The open nature of the state makes it difficult for people to resist the temptation to gamble, leading many down the path of addiction. Fortunately, help is available in Oklahoma for those struggling with problem gambling. The first step to recovery from gambling addiction is acknowledging the problem and understanding that treatment may be necessary. Gambling support groups such as Gamblers Anonymous (GA) provide an anonymous forum where individuals can discuss their struggles with others who have experienced similar issues. GA meetings offer education about problem gambling, emotional support, and practical advice on staying free from gambling activities. Furthermore, professional counselors throughout Oklahoma provide specialized counseling services tailored toward helping compulsive gamblers break free from the cycle of addiction.

Addiction doesn’t happen overnight; treating it requires dedication and commitment. Seeking assistance early can reduce the amount of time spent dealing with this issue and increase the chances of achieving success in sobriety. It takes strength and courage to face one’s demons and start anew; however, having access to resources like GA or therapy sessions can make all the difference when trying to beat a destructive habit like problem gambling in Oklahoma. If you’re gambling in Oklahoma and want to quit, neighboring states such as Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, and Texas all have resources for problem gambling that you can contact for help. – Gambling Help Online is the world’s first social network for problem gamblers seeking to break free from their addiction. For those who require help overcoming gambling, provides an online platform allowing users to access assistance 24/7 and work on the underlying causes of their addiction at their own pace.

3 Images from Community
Images from Community

The tools available on the platform include:

  • A members platform with more than 3400 members from 120 countries
  • Animated video courses
  • Comprehensive guides using a variety of videos
  • Forum, support groups, emails, chat
  • Mobile app

While some may be concerned that such a beneficial service comes with a cost, is free and accessible whenever needed. Gambling addicts no longer have to go through it alone; they can join this supportive community of individuals facing similar issues and fight their addiction together.

Let’s Kick Addiction’s Ass!

Oklahoma Association On Problem Gambling & Gaming

The Oklahoma Association on Problem Gambling & Gaming (OAPGG) is dedicated to helping those affected by disordered gambling and gaming. With the support of contributions from the State of Oklahoma, the gambling industry, corporations, and donations from private citizens, OAPGG works to provide education and training to healthcare providers, increase public awareness of problem gambling in the state, supply information about it to individuals, research related areas, and create prevention and educational programs for all residents of Oklahoma.

Irony can be found in that despite dedicating its efforts to helping people through a difficult situation, OAPGG takes no position for or against legalized gambling. It leaves it open to criticism and scrutiny, yet OAPGG continues to work tirelessly to help those in need:

  1. 24-hour confidential helpline is available at 1-800-522-4700;
  2. Outpatient treatment is provided free of charge by the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services;
  3. Telehealth services may also be accessible if your nearest location does not have a gambling counselor.

OAPGG is devoted to assisting those struggling with addictive gambling and gaming. The organization strives to ensure that everyone in Oklahoma has the resources to confront their issues and move forward.

Gamblers Anonymous Oklahoma

Have you ever felt like your gambling has gotten out of control? If so, there are support services available in Oklahoma that can help. Gamblers Anonymous OK is an organization that provides free meetings and peer support for people struggling with compulsive gambling or signs of gambling addiction.

The mission of GA is to encourage, educate and provide emotional support to anyone affected by problem gambling. They have numerous chapters throughout the state where members come together to share their experiences, offer encouragement, and discuss strategies to avoid betting activities. The meetings usually involve group discussions led by experienced facilitators who understand the challenges of overcoming an addiction.

Those seeking assistance from GA Oklahoma will find resources on their website, which include information about local meetings, contact details for trained counselors, and other organizations offering gambling support in Oklahoma. They also provide a list of warning signs for those at risk of developing a problem, along with tips for avoiding relapse into risky behaviors.

If you’re looking for help managing your behavior or assisting someone else with theirs, Gamblers Anonymous Tulsa, Oklahoma may be able to assist you. With its network of supportive peers and professionals dedicated to helping individuals overcome problem gambling, it could be just what you need to get back on track financially and emotionally.

Self-Exclusion In Oklahoma

Gambling addiction can be an overwhelming issue for anyone struggling with it. It is important to take action and regain control as soon as possible. Oklahoma has a voluntary self-exclusion program, which like a lighthouse on a night, helps you limit your opportunities to gamble by banning yourself from entering any casino in the state for either two years or even a lifetime if desired. You find the sign up form here.

Not only that, but other powerful tools are available, such as prohibiting oneself from using ATMs at casinos all over the country. Currently, two operators offer this service, giving users greater control and peace of mind regarding gambling.

To sum up, if you need assistance limiting your gambling habits, Oklahoma’s voluntary self-exclusion program may be just the thing for you. With the help of it and the use of other useful tools, you can gain back control and enjoy a brighter future:

  • Participating in the Oklahoma Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program.
  • Prohibiting oneself from using some ATMs at different casinos across the country. You find more information here.

Do You Gamble Online In Oklahoma?

Gambling online is illegal in Oklahoma, and no self-exclusion programs are available for its citizens. However, a new app called Gamban provides an effective solution to help individuals prevent themselves from participating in online gambling activities. Here are four reasons why you should download Gamban:

  1. It blocks access to all online gambling sites in Oklahoma and other locations.
  2. Even betting apps installed on your phone will be blocked.
  3. It acts as a helping hand when the urge to gamble arises.
  4. You cannot uninstall it until your subscription expires.

2-6% of the American population show signs of gambling problems. This gambling addiction statistic highlights the importance of downloading Gamban and avoiding such activities. So, if you’re into online gambling, we recommend you install Gamban on all your devices! Download it through your app store or visit

Help A Gambling Addict In Oklahoma

Gambling addiction can be a heartbreaking issue for those who are close to the gambler, as well as for the addict. It is common for family members and close friends to become enablers of this destructive habit by adjusting their behavior to accommodate the addict’s habits. If you are dealing with this situation, we recommend you join to access resources such as forums, chats, and advice from other relatives, gamblers, and ex-gamblers.

In addition, “21 Ways to Protect Yourself From A Gambling Spouse” is an invaluable guide that offers practical tips on protecting yourself while assisting the gambling spouse. This guide includes:

  • Analyzing signs of problem gambling
  • Learning to speak up without resorting to violence
  • Preventing co-dependence
  • Utilizing non-violent communication
  • Crafting an action plan

By following these steps, it is possible to start protecting yourself and helping the gambler to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

The first step to helping someone with gambling addiction in Oklahoma is recognizing the signs of problem gambling. Due to persistent wagering, problem gamblers may experience feelings such as guilt, shame and despair. They may also exhibit signs of depression or anxiety, have difficulty sleeping, become isolated from friends and family, lie about gambling activities, or even steal money to gamble. Those affected by problem gambling need to know they are not alone and that help is available.

Oklahoma offers several resources for individuals seeking help with how to stop gambling. The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services has established the Problem Gambling Services program, which provides free assessment and counseling services. This service includes individualized treatment plans tailored towards each person’s needs and support groups and educational programs focused on reducing risky behaviors associated with problem gambling. In addition, public awareness campaigns work hard to reduce the stigma around compulsive gambling problems while providing information on responsible gaming practices.

Let’s stop Gambling Oklahoma

If you find yourself struggling to control your urge or compulsion to gamble, there are resources available that can help you stop. Organizations like and Gamblers Anonymous offer support groups and other services that may be able to assist. Additionally, online self-help programs can benefit those looking for an alternative way to get treatment without leaving the house.

It’s a slippery slope when it comes to gambling – once you start down that path, it can quickly spiral out of control. To prevent this from happening, take steps now before things become worse than they already are. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” after all; don’t wait until you’re in over your head before taking action!

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