Block Gambling Sites – 3 Simple Ways

If you want to stop gambling online, we recommend you block gambling sites on your mobile and desktop today.

This guide will show you how to ban online casinos on your devices through self exclusion, block gambling software, and how you can use these tools to quit gambling online.


  • What does it mean to block gambling sites?
  • How does it help me stop gambling?
  • What alternatives do I have?

Advantages of blocking online gambling sites

We believe we use gambling to distract ourselves from pain (stress, loneliness, anxiety, etc.) The brain is extraordinary, but it has its limitations. If a gambling-addicted brain experience any pain, it will automatically trigger an urge to gamble. Triggers can be stress, boredom, loneliness, or a feeling we want to avoid. Acting quickly on the gambling urge would be harder if you’ve blocked all gambling sites. Some more advantages are:

block online gambling
Advantages by banning casino sites
  • You can’t gamble in a casino you ban yourself from.
  • The casino isn’t allowed to send commercials to you.
  • You’ve taken an important step closer to becoming gambling free.
  • You can’t reverse a casino ban until the time of the ban expires.

As a user of GamStop (The casino self exclusion scheme in the UK) said: “Online gambling was my weakness. I applied for GamStop 4 years ago, making it impossible to gamble online. If I could apply for a lifetime gambling block, I would!”

3 Ways to block gambling websites

We want to help you quit gambling. One helpful tool is to limit your access to gambling opportunities online. Blocking online gambling isn’t the solution to gambling addiction, but it’ll help you become gambling free. Self-exclusion is an excellent start and something you can do quickly. Here 3 ways you can take action now.

  1. Apply for a self-exclusion scheme. (You find schemes for various countries here)
  2. Download and install an online casino-blocking software
  3. Block your casino accounts – Send an email to customer service

Let’s take a closer look at your options and how each of them can help you on your journey to kick the gambling addiction’s ass.

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A helping hand

What is Self-exclusion?

On most regulated gambling markets, you can apply for a self-exclusion program. For a UK resident, that self-exclusion scheme is called GamStop. Registering for GamStop automatically blocks you from all gambling websites and apps with a UK license. If you want to know if you have banned casino programs in your country or state, find our full list here. The problem with these programs is that there are ways to circumvent them, which a problem gambler will find if they look hard enough.

To self exclude is one layer in your toolbox. No matter if you self-exclude from all gambling sites or just the local casino. Install Betblocker or Gamban is the next layer we’ll discuss now.

How to ban myself from casinos

The first step we recommend for anyone who wants to quit gambling is to ban themselves from all casinos they have ever gambled on. Blocking software is good, but once you’ve emailed online casino customer service saying you have gambling problems, the casino must close your account. Tell them you want to ban yourself from all casinos they have. A multi operator casino means that they have many casinos. It should be enough to tell one of their customer support about your gambling problem, and they have to close all your accounts.

This method can be time-consuming, but it’s free and a very effective way to stop your gambling activity and gambling online. There is no way to circumvent a ban like that!

How To Block Gambling Sites Online

It Has Never Been Easier To Gamble. Across The US, States Are Opening Online Gambling, And In Most Countries Worldwide, Online Gambling Is Already Available (Legally Or Illegally). All Problem Gamblers Need Is A Cellphone, A Tablet, Or A Computer. To Block Online Gambling, We Highly Recommend You Download A Gambling Block Software Like:

  • Gamban
  • BetBlocker
  • Gamblock

These stop gambling apps effectively block gambling websites and apps on all your devices. Gamban has taken things even further and is blocking trading platforms, which to them is another form of gambling. You can check out our full reviews if you want to know more about Gamban or Betblocker.

If you have a gambling problem and want to remove your free access to gambling opportunities, these apps will make it harder for you to gamble. They are blocking gambling sites instantly. Suppose you try visiting a casino site. You’ll only see a message saying you can’t access the website. Some of these apps also support blocking casino affiliate websites. You can’t gamble on an affiliate site, but it might still trigger the urge to gamble because of some free money offer.

Why blocking casinos isn’t the solution

General blocking software, self-exclusion schemes, and block gambling transactions are all good things to do, but it’s not to solution to quit gambling altogether. They will help you on the way. But they only make it harder to gamble. In a study, 80% of the participants said that their gambling urges were very high after 6 months of self-exclusion. A compulsive gambler will always find a way if the urge is strong enough. Willpower can only take them so far.

The reason most people relapse over and over is that they don’t understand why they gamble. According to escape theory, we’re using gambling to escape something. The key to stopping gambling is to understand what that something is. It’s a crucial step to understand. General blocking software can’t do that! We might escape loneliness, stress, anxiety, boredom, etc.

Most people rely completely on their willpower to stay away from gambling. It works for some, but most fail because blocking software doesn’t do anything about the underlying causes of gambling addiction. The pain is still there! Working on the underlying causes of the addiction means removing the sources of pain. That will help control and remove the urges one by one. Eventually, it will control the addiction because gambling will no longer work as an escape.

How To Use Block Online Gambling As A Way To Stop Gambling

Let’s Combine Understanding Your Gambling, Working On Yourself, And Limiting Access To Gambling On All Your Devices. That Would Put You Back In Control. Your Computer Will Be A Place To Work On Yourself Instead Of A Place To Gamble. Let’s Do The Following Things:

Block gambling sites:

  1. Apply for any self-exclusion scheme (if available)
  2. Download software to block websites and apps

Doing these two things are quick, and you’ll feel relief afterward. Knowing that you can’t gamble makes it easier not to think about it. It’s a small victory in the battle against gambling. Celebrate with a high-five in the mirror.

Understand the root cause of your gambling problem

  1. Do the Happiness Test
  2. Check out the guide to stop gambling.

Get the support you need:

  1. Join our anonymous online community with over 6500 members.
  2. Connect with other members. Gambling addiction can be lonely, but you’re not alone anymore!
  3. Start working through the video courses. When you work on the course, you’re working on the underlying causes of the addiction.

Other tools to help block gambling – Some other tools can be helpful to make it harder to gamble. The first tool is a general blocking software called It’s created as a productivity tool, but it can also be used to block gambling sites. To make Freedom effective, you must add all the websites you don’t want access to in the blocking software.

Once you’ve done that, you can activate the software for as long as you want. The Freedom service is difficult to uninstall while active, even on a computer. You can also use this app for parental controls.

Another tool that is getting more popular is blocking gambling transactions. Check with your bank if they can help stop all transactions from your bank account to any casino multi operator. You might need to sign some paperwork, but when that is done. The bank prevents you from depositing money from your bank account to any gambling site.

Some payment methods like PayPal, Neteller, and Zimpler can also help you block their services for gambling transactions. Anything you can do to make gambling more difficult is a good thing! So take advantage of the tips here in this guide.

Common Questions – Quick Answers

How to block gambling on mobile?

The best way is to install a blocking software like Gamban or Betblocker. These apps can be installed on desktop and mobile. They will block all gambling sites and apps. Blocking apps are great for preventing you from gambling when the urge come.

How do I block all casino sites?

1. If there is a self exclusion program, apply for it. 2. Get a blocking software like Betblocker and Gamban free for you phone. 3. If you have gambled online, contact the casinos and tell them to close your accounts.

If you combine these 3 things, you’ll get a good cover at times, you find yourself looking for gambling activities, but you know you shouldn’t gamble. Blocking software can aid you on your way to becoming gambling free.

Can you block gambling sites from your bank?

Yes, some banks (especially in the UK) allow customers to block themselves from casino transactions. Contact your bank and ask them if it’s possible for you.

How to block gambling ads on Facebook?

Tired of gambling ads on Facebook? The ad preferences feature allows you to customize the content you see based on your search profile on Facebook or other external sources. Using this option, you can modify the type of content that appears in ads while keeping the number of ads unchanged.

To access this feature, you can easily follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Account settings and privacy.
  2. Navigate to the settings section.
  3. Click on the ads settings.

By following this path, you can adjust your ad preferences for specific advertisers, particularly those related to sensitive content like gambling. Simply select the “hide ads” button to ensure gambling-related ads are no longer displayed. This will free your ad experience from gambling content, similar to how television operates after implementing a gambling ban.

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