What is Gambling Addiction Coaching?

Let’s kick gambling addiction’s ass together! If you want some extra help to stop gambling, get yourself a gambling addiction coach!

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Enough is enough. Stop giving your money to the casinos! Gambling addiction coaching is all about helping you stop gambling and become a happier person. Addiction sucks, but there is a way to break free. Let’s explore that with your coach:

challenge to help people stop gambling
  1. Understand why you’re gambling.
  2. Understand why it’s so hard to stop.
  3. Understand what you can do to stop.
  4. Work with your coach on these things.

The key to stopping gambling is to understand why we gamble. That is the first step in gambling coaching. The answer might surprise you! It’s a profound moment when to see how people relaxes when they finally understand why they do what they do. We want to help you get that experience!

What happens in the first session?

The first part is mainly about creating a connection and understanding of what is going on. The individuals seeking help are desperate, frustrated, and scared about the consequences of their gambling. In these situations, the problem gambling coach focuses on listening. It’s remarkable how powerful just getting listened to can be and what a calming effect it can have.

Often, the person does most of the talking, and the coach asks questions like: What does gambling mean to you? How does it feel to gamble? What happens when you win?

The second part of the session focuses on understanding what gambling does for the person and why it’s so hard to stop. Common questions coming up are:

Why can’t I stop gambling? Or, I’ve tried everything, why does nothing work?

In our experience, the answer is simply that few know why they gamble. How can you stop something if you don’t know why you do it?

When you come to this part of gambling coaching, you’ll experience a profound moment. It’s powerful to see how a person relaxes when they finally understand why they gamble. Hint: it’s rarely about money.

Result: In just one call, you’ll get deep insights into your gambling habits, what to do, and why to stop gambling. You’re not alone anymore, your problem gambling coach will be with you on your quest to a gambling free life.

Gambling Addiction Coaching Levels

The key to stopping gambling is to find the underlying causes of addiction and work on these areas of your life.

For instance, if you gamble when you feel lonely. What would happen with gambling urges if you get help to improve your self-confidence and communication skills so you can make some new friends? Would gambling even be interesting to you anymore?

This is what coaching is all about—helping you understand what gambling does for you and then supporting you in the process of reducing those effects.

Ready to level up your life?

Level 1 – Identifying the causes of the addiction

  • Gambling can cause many problems, but it’s not the cause of the addiction.
  • Gambling distracts and helps us escape from something – What?

Level 2 – Work on the underlying causes of the addiction

  • Strategies to deal with stress, boredom, and loneliness
  • Building self-confidence and self-esteem

Level 3 – Deal with the consequences of gambling

  • Self-hatred
  • Gambling debt
  • Relationships
  • Health

Level 4 – Creating the life you dream of

  • Personal development
  • Setting goals

Advantages of Problem Gambling Coaching

Get help directly instead of waiting weeks to get a gambling counselor.

Problem Gambling coaching is on your terms. You decide how often you want to talk, and the schedule is flexible.

About the Coach

Anders Bergman is the founder and creator of QuitGamble.com. Anders has six years of experience in coaching and working with people with gambling problems.

The Happiness Test

If you can relate to the text and videos on QuitGamble.com, you’ll enjoy private gambling coaching with him.

Anders has interviewed, coached, and worked with 1000s of gambling addicts on the platform and developed courses to help people stop gambling.

He is passionate about helping people, solution-oriented, and easy to talk to.

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