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If You Believe…

We believe pain is the cause of addiction. Gambling is just a way to escape the pain. It’s the escape from the pain we get addicted to. Can you relate to that?

Do you think you’d gamble less if you didn’t feel lonely? Wasn’t bored? Would you gamble less if you had better self-esteem or felt less anxious? On, we’ll help you fight pain in various ways. If you believe, what we believe, then is the right tool for you.

Did you do the Happiness Test yet? If not, let’s do it now. Otherwise request free access, or keep reading.

What You Can Expect…

We’ve developed to help you stop gambling. 24/7 access, in the comfort of your home. Pick up the phone or use your computer to log in to the online community. is an alternative to sleepy support meetings or expensive visits to the psychologist. You can be completely anonymous and you don’t need to admit to any gambling problems.

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It’s not easy to stop gambling. It’s a long journey, but if you work on yourself, you’ll not increase your chances to quit gambling. You’ll also become a happier person.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” // Albert Einstein

Let’s create the change you need to stop gambling. The tools and course on will help you do that. Here is how you can start!

  1. Do the Happiness Test
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  3. Ask yourself “What is gambling doing for you?”
  4. Read others and share your story
  5. Start working on your Change Plan

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Written by Krystian Okaz