The connection between Loneliness and Gambling Addiction

Feeling lonely is probably one of the 3 most common reasons why people gamble. Can you relate to that? Do you gamble when you’re lonely? We believe loneliness causes people a lot of pain. Gambling, drinking, and drugs are ways many handle that pain. Gambling becomes a distraction, and we forget about the pain. There is a strong connection between gambling and loneliness. No wonder gambling is so addictive. See video below

Video about loneliness and gambling addiction – How to break the loneliness and stop gambling

Do you think you’d gamble less if your schedule was full of meetings with interesting people? On, we want to help you make new friends and help you fill your life with love, laughter, and engaging people.

We believe the urge to gamble will decrease if you feel less lonely. The video below is the introduction to our Break up with Loneliness program. It’s a set of videos, exercises, and challenges that will help you on your journey to becoming gambling-free.

Gambling addiction can be lonely, but you’re not alone anymore. We have 3000+ members on the platform. Members who all want to stop gambling. Join, and become part of the group!

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The Break up with loneliness program is just the beginning. As a member, you get a chance (you’re encouraged) to engage with other members through the live chat, forum, and activity feed. We’re one big family! The time as a lonely gambling addict is over.

Gambling addiction and loneliness is a vicious circle; we gamble because we feel lonely or bored. At the same time, the more we gamble, the more we withdraw from other people. One common sign of a person having gambling problems is spending time alone and stop seeing the friends he/she has.

We are social animals. The key to our survival through evolution has been our social skills. As a group, we could survive, we could hunt massive animals, and as a group, we have developed. If you got excluded from the group, you’d die within days or even hours. If you’re trying to help a gambler, read this guide or check out the guide on how to mitigate the risks of living with a gambler.

Fun animated videos on how to break free of loneliness

Our needs for belonging, intimacy and social interaction are part of who we are as humans, and it’s nothing therapy can change. We feel bad if our social needs aren’t met. That’s the pain you feel when you feel lonely.

If you feel lonely, you’ll try to connect with something else. It could be anything alcohol, drugs, dopamine, or gambling.

One way to break the urge to gamble is to break the feeling of being lonely.

Let’s repeat it.

One way to break the urge to gamble is to break the feeling of being lonely.

The QG community is a good start. We have created an engaging and fun environment for you to thrive in — an community where we challenge you to challenge yourself to grow as a person.

We believe a happy person is more resistant to gambling addiction because that person experiences less pain. When you become the person you want to be, gambling addiction, loneliness, and urges to gamble are things you’ll leave behind you. AND we’re here to help you!

Connection between loneliness and gambling addiction. By joining the community, you're not alone anymore
Printscreen of QG Social platform is an excellent complement, but it’s not a substitute for physical friends and interactions. To meet our social needs, we have to meet people offline too. Grab a cup of coffee, eat dinner, work out together, or sit down to talk.

Do you feel lonely sometimes? Would you like more friends to hang out with?

We’ll give you the tools you need to be confident around people, make closer connections, and enjoy the experience in the lessons ahead. 

Did you know that you can make more friends in a month by being genuinely interested in other people than in 2 years, trying to make people interested in you?

Wow, that is an inspiring thought!

You’ll learn principles and techniques to make it easier to meet new people. To build friendships and improve your current relations. You’ll get many AHA moments, and sometimes you’ll think; I knew that already, but I’ve not seen it that way before…

Are you up for a challenge? And have fun at the same time?

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Let’s break up with loneliness, wave goodbye to the urge to gamble, and become happier person who enjoys life to the fullest.

Let us challenge you to challenge yourself!


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