Boredom and gambling addiction

Is there a connection between boredom and gambling addiction? Today, people don’t know how to handle boredom. In a study published in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction1, the researchers present boredom as a significant cause of gambling addiction. Boredom isn’t anything inherently wrong, but it causes pain for many people.

Personally, I get low when I’m bored because I know I should do something, but I don’t. For other people, just the thought of spending time with their thoughts is enough to fear boredom.

Would you gamble less if you didn’t experience boredom? We believe there is a strong relationship between gambling addiction and boredom. Hence we’ve created a program to help people deal with “boring time”. The video below is the introduction to our program.

Introduction video to our “Never be bored again” program

As a member of, you get access to the entire course with videos, exercises, and challenges. The membership is free, and you can request access below. Members can also benefit from our community, social network, chat, and 100+ animated videos.

Do you gamble when you’re bored? If you gamble when you’re bored, do you think you’d gamble less if you transform the time you previously were bored into the time you look forward to?

On, we believe pain is the cause of addiction. We experience pain when we’re bored, stressed, anxious, angry, lonely in many other situations. For many, gambling has become a way to deal with pain. The definition of gambling addiction is simple:

If a person experiences some kind of pain and gets an urge to gamble. Then he or she is a gambling addict.

Bored addiction program
Printscreen from the course table.

When a person gambles as a response to being bored or lonely, there is a risk the brain will develop a habit of gambling according to the cue, action, reward model.

  1. Cue = feeling bored
  2. Action = gamble
  3. Reward = Don’t feel bored anymore

We want to challenge the status quo of gambling addiction by fighting pain at its source. If you often feel bored, we want to help you fill that time with exciting and enjoyable things. We’ve developed a unique test. We called the Happiness Test. It doesn’t tell you if you’re addicted to gambling. Instead, it focuses on helping people understand what causes them pain.

After you’ve done the Happiness Test, you’ll get recommendations depending on your answers. We have developed various video programs to help our users eliminate one source of pain at a time. Step by step, we help them become happier. If pain is the cause of addiction, less pain would mean that the urge to gamble gradually disappears. How do you feel about that?

There is a strong connection between feeling bored and developing gambling problems. No matter if you experience any gambling harm today, it’s always good to ask you the following questions:

Why do I gamble? What does gambling do for me?

If you want to stop gambling, these questions will help you understand why quitting is so hard. If you wish to continue playing, we recommend you read about the connection between why we gamble and the risk of developing a gambling addiction.

If you found this article helpful, please share it with someone you believe can benefit from it. If you are related to someone gambling, then we recommend you read 21 ways to protect yourself from a gambler. You can also find other articles under the blog tab in the menu above.

Are you tired of gambling? Do you need some help to stop? Then, join our community, and we’ll do our best to support you on your journey to become gambling-free.

Good Luck!


(1) (Tse 2012) Why People Gamble: A Qualitative Study of Four New Zealand Ethnic Groups, International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction

(2)Book: Power of Habit, Charles Dughigg

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