Get a job you want

Do you need some inspiration to get a job? What do you want to do? Wanna work from home? This the introduction to our job block. Let yourself get inspired by different opportunities.

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Being out of a job can be tough financially but also mentally. A job is so much more than a money factory… It’s a source of community, a place to contribute and something that to be proud of…

If you belong to the 50% who hate their jobs, the job is just that… a job…

No matter where you are today, we believe you can get something out of these lessons. You’ll meet; Lina, Steven, John, and Anna… People just like you and me.

We’ll show you the power of purpose and how you can benefit from it; How a mundane job, can become exciting and something that helps you grow as a person.

Perhaps you are stuck at home, excluded from the job market… There’re many things you can do without leaving the house too.

Did you know that most super successful people don’t see their job as work? Their job is their passion! Like the group Dirty Heads sing: (check melody)

“eh eh Ayee,

I’m on vacation, every single day…

Cause I love my occupation…

Eh eh Ayee”

We’d like to inspire you to find what you love doing. Perhaps you’d like to follow your passion and start your own business! In the lessons ahead we’ll show you that being an entrepreneur might not be as risky as you thought!

Would you like to get a job? Or find a new meaning at a current job?

Check out these videos, lessons, and challenges… And choose what is most interesting to you! 

Get back in the game!

See you in the next video!

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