Combat Problem Gambling with Mindway AI’s Detection Tool

Mindway AI is a spin-out venture of Aarhus University in Denmark established in 2018 to apply insights from neuroscience to artificial intelligence technology for better player protection.

Mindway AI problem gambling detection tool

The development of their GameScanner solution has been driven by Associate Professor of Cognitive Science and Head of Department for Linguistics and Cognitive Science Joshua Skewes, Ph.D. and Professor in Psychology Damien Brevers, as well as more than ten years of research in the field of neuroscience, neuroimaging, and problem gambling.

Today, Mindway AI’s science-based solutions are available in over 18 countries and have provided safer gambling services to 6.5 million active gamblers globally.

The unique combination of human expert assessments and advanced brain scanning used by Mindway AI offers insight into normal and problematic gambling behavior. It allows their Explainable AI algorithm to provide clear explanations when making decisions about player safety. Additionally, the algorithm continues to learn and refine itself as it monitors and profiles players around the clock.

Organizations like Mindway AI have made great strides in protecting players vulnerable to problem gambling. Mindway AI addresses the complexity of problem gambling behavior and provides an effective means for safeguarding players.

Rasmus Kjaergaard has been the driving force behind Mindway AI’s success. His focus on product innovation, partnerships, and market expansion has enabled the software company to grow exponentially. Rasmus is passionate about safer gambling initiatives and believes collaboration between stakeholders is essential to protect players. With over two decades of experience in leadership and selling complex technology solutions, his expertise has been invaluable:

  • Extensive knowledge of business-to-business (B2B) sales
  • Ability to develop successful strategies to maximize growth
  • Skilled negotiator with effective communication skills

Rasmus’ efforts have been instrumental in transforming Mindway AI from an ambitious startup into a flourishing enterprise as if it were a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Gamalyze – Analyzing your choices

Gamalyze is an award-winning, gamified reinvention of the self-test that seeks to make self-testing more user-friendly, engaging, and actionable. By turning a self-test into an online card game, Gamalyze assists players in developing their awareness of their risk profile and decision-making when gambling. Gamalyze uses neuroimaging insights to analyze each player’s decisions. At the same time, they play and generate a report with feedback on the player’s strategy, sensitivity to rewards and losses, and tailored advice for individual players.

Among the reported advantages of using Gamalyze include the following:

  • Engagement: Playing a game is likelier to engage players than responding to a questionnaire.
  • Early Detection: Identifying at-risk or problem gambling early on helps create important self-awareness among players.
  • Novel Risk Markers: Game analysis provides players and operators an expansive set of unique risk markers.
  • Actionable Advice: Gamalyze offers personalized advice to reduce compulsive behavior based on individual gambling behavior.
  • Unbiased Results: Actions during play are assessed rather than asking players to reflect on their behavior.

Overall, Gamalyze provides a fresh approach to self-testing that increases engagement and accuracy of results, helping to ensure safer and healthier gambling practices.

During a conference, we had the opportunity to test the game for ourselves. It took perhaps 5 minutes to play the game. You can choose if you want to bet higher or lower each time. Finally, the system analyzed our playing behavior and willingness to take risks. 

Game Scanner – Monitoring gambling behavior in real time

The GameScanner Analytics dashboard is a powerful tool that enables operators to understand their customers’ gambling behavior and risk profiles. It leverages Explainable AI, which explains why some players are flagged as at-risk and helps operators communicate with them meaningfully. With the help of this technology, operators can easily segment their database based on the risk profile, detect early signs of problem gambling, meet regulatory requirements, minimize harm, and maintain a healthy player base.

An independent study conducted by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) has confirmed that GameScanner performs better than human experts in detecting at least 87% of the cases of at-risk and problem gambling.

GameScanner’s explainable AI offers numerous benefits for gambling operators:

  • Identification & Prevention: Helps operators identify players at risk or have a gambling problem so the casino can take preventive measures accordingly.
  • Data Analysis & Insights: Provides comprehensive insights into customer behaviors that can be used to make informed decisions.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensures that operators comply with all applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Risk Minimisation: Assists operators in minimizing risks related to problem gambling.

Overall, GameScanner’s analytics dashboard presents a unique opportunity for operators to access deep insights about their customers and ensure responsible gambling.



Mindway AI has an exciting approach to monitoring gamblers and offering their services to gambling operators. We believe the self-analyzing test Gamalyze can give players important feedback on their choices. Perhaps it can help some of them contemplate what happens when they gamble. The test will not answer why people gamble, but it will give insights into how we choose and give us a risk profile.

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