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Gambling can be a difficult habit to break. A good start is asking yourself, “What is gambling doing for me?”. Understanding why it’s so attractive in the first place can help you on your journey to becoming gambling free.

The second step is limiting exposure to triggers that encourage gambling. It’s much easier to resist if there are no reminders of what could occur – similar to not wanting to eat ice cream when it isn’t available. Our video course ‘How to Create a Change Plan’ focuses on this concept: “Clean up your physical space”. Here are some steps you can take to decrease the likelihood of gambling being part of your life:

  • Switching email address and phone number
  • Downloading and installing Gamban (if applicable)
  • Subscribing to streaming services that do not have gambling commercials.
  • Taking these measures will ensure you are working towards an environment where it is more likely to walk away from gambling.
How to stop gambling addiction in Kentucky
How to stop gambling in Kentucky

Lower your exposure to gambling ads

Available Gambling Support Kentucky

 As a compulsive gambler in Kentucky, here are some more resources that can be helpful.

  • (We challenge you to challenge yourself)
  • Gambler’s Anonymous Kentucky (Classic 12-steps, or read QG vs. GA)
  • Kentucky Council for Problem Gambling
  • Suicidal thoughts? Please Call: The National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255

Gambling is a problem in Kentucky. Problem gamblers often deal with financial difficulties, mental health issues, and relationship problems. There are some resources if you want to get back control and find out how to quit gambling.

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) supports those dealing with any form of gambling-related issue. NCPG offers free online counseling services and information about local groups and organizations dedicated to helping individuals with their gambling problems. Additionally, they provide educational materials and advocacy programs designed to reduce gambling disorder prevalence in Kentucky.

Several other organizations throughout Kentucky assist individuals struggling with compulsive gambling. These include Gamblers Anonymous, which runs meetings specifically for problem gamblers; The Center for Compulsive Gambling Recovery Services; and various treatment centers around the state. These resources can help individuals get back on track and reclaim control of their lives by providing them with the tools they need to overcome their addictions.  Suppose you’re gambling in Kentucky and want to quit. It’s important to know that help is also available in neighboring states. Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia all have resources for problem gambling, including hotlines, support groups, and counseling services. – Online Support Community is the world’s first social network to assist individuals struggling with problem gambling. It provides users with a modern approach that allows 24/7 access and enables them to work on recovery independently. The platform offers:

3 Images from Community
Images from Community
  1. A members platform connecting more than 3,500 people from over 80 countries;
  2. Animated video courses for instruction;
  3. Comprehensive guides containing educational videos;
  4. Accessible forum, support groups, emails and chat services, and an accompanying mobile app. 

Utilizing is free of charge and available whenever necessary. The platform encourages those facing similar issues to join forces to overcome addiction. Join the community today and strive to defeat addiction!

Let’s Kick Addiction’s Ass!

Kentucky Council On Problem Gambling

Gambling addiction is a growing problem in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling (KCPG) seeks to bring awareness to this issue. The mission of KCPG is threefold: increase awareness of problem gambling, promote prevention and research, and advocate for the availability of treatment.

To help those affected by gambling addiction, KCPG provides information about gambling addiction, self-assessments to determine whether someone may have a gambling problem, and referral information to counselors and Gamblers Anonymous. In addition, River Valley Behavioral Health in Owensboro offers 24/7 telephone counseling services with trained professionals who can provide:

  1. Information and support
  2. Referrals to local resources
  3. Education on how to manage cravings and urges

KCPG aims to reduce the prevalence of gambling addiction in Kentucky and ensure everyone can access the necessary resources to address it. With this effort, KCPG invites you to join them in their mission—a timely and urgent call to action that it deserves a proverbial drum roll.

Gamblers Anonymous Kentucky

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but gambling can be an addiction like any other. If you’re in Kentucky and dealing with a gambling disorder, Gamblers Anonymous KY is here to help. This organization provides resources for problem gamblers and those struggling with gambling addictions, such as support groups and meetings that bring awareness to the issue.

Through their network of volunteers and professionals, Gamblers Anonymous KY offers education on identifying signs of compulsive behavior and creating boundaries when borrowing money for casino trips or video lottery terminals (VLTs). They also help manage finances lost due to gambling, establish healthy coping mechanisms outside of betting activities, and develop strategies for living without putting yourself into debt.

Gamblers Anonymous stands firm in its commitment to helping people recover from their struggles with gambling by providing quality programs based on the Ga 12-step model. With support members who understand what you’re going through, Gamblers Anonymous KY works toward creating sustainable change within each individual they reach out to—so don’t hesitate if you feel like this vice has taken over your life. Reach out today and begin taking steps toward reclaiming control!

Self-Exclusion In Kentucky

Gambling addiction is a severe issue of Kentucky and many other states. Kentucky has no state-run self-exclusion programs to help those with gambling addictions.

However, individuals can still take action on their own to reduce triggers. One way is to self-exclude from casinos or other establishments where they often gamble. Taking a friend along when doing so will ensure that the individual follows through with this decision. It should be noted that while some US states have a compulsive gambling prevention program, Kentucky does not currently offer such a service.

Do You Gamble Online In Kentucky?

The legality of online gambling in Kentucky has been up for debate. While it is prohibited, many still participate in unregulated foreign casinos. To combat this issue, the app Gamban can be installed on one’s phone and desktop to block access to gambling-related sites. Here are some bullet points detailing why Gamban is a beneficial tool:

  • It blocks all betting apps from your devices.
  • You can only uninstall the app once your subscription runs out.
  • It assists when an urge to gamble arises.
  • It covers both desktop and mobile platforms (i.e., iPhone and Android).
  • It restricts access to gambling websites within the state of Kentucky.

Ultimately, downloading Gamban is highly recommended if you partake in online gambling. The app can be downloaded directly through their website or app store.

Help A Gambling Addict In Kentucky

Compulsive gambling profoundly impacts the lives of those closest to it. Research shows that for every individual struggling with problem gambling, at least one family member is directly affected by their behavior. However, support and resources are available for those who have a loved one facing this issue.

At, we provide a platform where relatives and ex-problem gamblers can connect in chat rooms and forums to ask questions and offer support. You don’t have to go through this challenging time feeling isolated or helpless – you can be a hero by seeking help.

To equip yourself with the necessary tools to protect yourself and deal with problem gambling, we recommend reading our comprehensive guide, “21 Ways to Protect Yourself From A Gambling Spouse.” It covers essential topics such as identifying the signs of problem gambling, preventing co-dependence, effective communication strategies and developing an actionable plan to manage the situation.

No matter how challenging the situation may seem, there is always a way to make it easier. Feel free to take advantage of the resources available, and remember that you are not alone.

The first step in helping a gambling addict in Kentucky is to understand the root of the problem. Gambling behavior can be caused by any number of underlying issues, from financial difficulties and mental health problems to addiction-related behaviors. It’s important for those affected by problem gambling to identify and address these underlying causes before seeking treatment or support. Gambling debt problems can continue to trigger more gambling even after that person stops. That’s why it’s important to address financial and mental issues.

Once individuals have identified the cause of their compulsive gambling, they can seek help from professional resources specializing in treating problem gamblers. Organizations such as Gamblers Anonymous provide free support meetings with lived experiences in dealing with negative consequences associated with gambling addiction. Additionally, many states offer programs specifically designed to help individuals struggling with compulsive gambling, including those in New York and Kentucky.

Let’s stop Gambling Kentucky

The gambling problem in Kentucky is serious, and it can be difficult to tackle without the right help. The good news is that plenty of resources are available for people struggling with this addiction. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either – there are free support groups and social services specifically designed to assist when dealing with gambling problems.

In order to identify if someone has a gambling problem, you should look out for signs such as spending more money than they can afford or becoming increasingly secretive about their activities. If any of these warning signs appear, it’s important to reach out and get them some help before the situation spirals out of control like wildfire. Gambling addiction may seem insurmountable, but with the right guidance and dedication, it’s possible to overcome this issue and enjoy life again. Get informed on how to stop gambling in Kentucky today; don’t wait until tomorrow because time waits for no one!

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