What happens at a Gamblers Anonymous Meeting?

If you’re considering attending your first Gambler’s Anonymous meeting, congratulations on taking an important step toward recovery.

Gamblers anonymous meetings

GA meetings provide a supportive and understanding environment for people struggling with gambling addiction. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the structure of a typical GA meeting and provide insights to help you get the most out of your first experience.


Gamblers Anonymous (GA) provides a safe environment for individuals struggling with gambling addiction. A cornerstone of GA meetings is the principle of anonymity, which encourages openness and trust among members. By only disclosing their first names, attendees can feel confident that their privacy will be respected and their experiences will remain confidential. The emphasis on anonymity has spiritual and practical benefits within the GA fellowship. It helps attract new members who may be hesitant to join due to the stigma associated with compulsive gambling.

When attending a GA meeting, there is no need to bring anything other than yourself and an open mind. The Gambler Anonymous meetings offer a welcoming space for members to share their experiences, worries, fears, and successes related to their gambling addiction. Open discussions about recent temptations and challenges are encouraged, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

As you participate in GA meetings, you may find a sponsor who can provide additional guidance and support throughout your recovery journey. With various session formats available to cater to different needs and preferences, GA offers a valuable resource for those seeking to overcome their gambling addiction and regain control of their lives.

Before attending your first meeting, knowing what to expect is good. Most GA meetings are held in community centers, churches, or other accessible locations. Many groups are self-supporting, using contributions from members to cover expenses like snacks, literature, and meeting space rental. You might see a donation bucket at the Gambler Anonymous gathering, but don’t feel obligated to contribute if you cannot.

Understand the Meeting Structure

Gamblers Anonymous meetings provide a structured environment for individuals to come together, share their experiences, and support each other on their path to GA recovery from gambling addiction. A typical GA meeting lasts approximately one hour to an hour and 20 minutes and follows a specific format. The meeting may include a combination of reading, sharing therapy, and group discussions. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the various components of a GA meeting:

  1. Opening and welcome: Meetings often begin with a welcome message, followed by a brief introduction of the group’s purpose and principles. Newcomers are acknowledged and made to feel comfortable.
  2. Readings: GA meetings usually include the reading of selected literature, such as the Yellow & Blue Books, the Twelve Steps of GA Recovery, or other materials relevant to the group’s focus. These readings help set the tone and provide a foundation for the following discussions. Everyone reads aloud, but nobody is forced to do it.
  3. Check-in and sharing: Attendees can share their experiences, struggles, and progress related to their gambling addiction. The sharing process will enable individuals to voice their feelings and concerns, receive feedback and support from the group, and gain insight into the experiences of others. That part of the meeting is typically structured, with each member taking turns to speak, ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to participate. Each participant begins by saying: “I’m X. I’m a compulsive gambler, and my last bet was Y
  4. If there are any newcomers in the group, then they will be asked Gamblers Anonymous’ 20 Questions at some time during the meeting. Don’t worry if you say YES on most questions; everyone does. That’s the reason you are going to the meeting.
  5. Discussion and feedback: Following the sharing session, the meeting may transition into a group discussion where members can respond to one another’s stories, offer suggestions, or encourage others. The interactive component of the meeting helps to foster a sense of community and support among participants.
  6. Break (optional): Depending on the meeting’s length and structure, there may be a short break for attendees to stretch their legs, use the restroom, or grab a beverage. The break also allows members to engage in casual conversation and build connections with others in the group.
  7. Special topics or focused discussions: Some GA meetings may incorporate specific topics or discussions related to gambling addiction, such as coping strategies, triggers, or financial management. These sessions offer additional resources and guidance for members seeking to address specific challenges in their GA recovery journey.
  8. Closing and announcements: As the meeting ends, the group leader may share any relevant announcements, such as upcoming events, workshops, or speaker meetings. Finally, the meeting typically closes with a moment of reflection, a group prayer, or a recitation of the Serenity Prayer, which serves as a reminder of the group’s shared commitment to recovery.

By understanding the structure and format of GA meetings, newcomers can feel more at ease and prepared to engage in the supportive community that Gamblers Anonymous offers actively.

Connecting with Fellow Members

After the meeting, some group members may want to chat with you and encourage you to keep attending. Embrace these connections, as they can provide helpful support throughout your gambling recovery journey. Remember that everyone at the meeting has experienced similar struggles and is there to help one another.

Each GA group has its unique atmosphere and dynamics, so if your first meeting isn’t the right fit, don’t hesitate to try another group. Look for a group that makes you feel comfortable and offers the support you need. If you’re uncomfortable with the religious aspects of the meeting, try looking for a more secular group with a less spiritual focus. You may also consider attending meetings designed for newcomers or gender-specific groups (See meeting types below) if they’d better suit your needs.


How are newcomers greeted in GA meetings?

Newcomers are warmly welcomed and greeted at Gamblers Anonymous (GA) meetings. When new members arrive, they can expect to be met with kindness, understanding, and support from fellow attendees. Here’s what newcomers can expect when attending a GA meeting for the first time:

  1. Welcoming atmosphere: GA meetings foster a non-judgmental and friendly environment where newcomers feel comfortable and at ease. Current members understand the challenges of beginning the recovery journey and empathize with those new to the group.
  2. Introductions: At the start of the meeting, newcomers may be asked to introduce themselves by their first name only, as GA emphasizes the importance of anonymity. They may also be asked to briefly share their reason for attending the meeting, though there is no pressure to do so if they prefer not to.
  3. During the first meeting, newcomers will be asked 20 Questions to confirm that they are gambling addicts.
  4. Some GA meetings may offer specific resources for newcomers, such as informational pamphlets or booklets about the GA program, the Twelve Steps of Recovery, and what to expect from the meetings. Additionally, some groups may have designated members who serve as “greeters” to answer any questions and help new members feel more at ease.
  5. Newcomers are encouraged to participate in the meeting by sharing their experiences and thoughts during the sharing portion of the meeting. However, they are not required to speak if uncomfortable, and they can listen to others share their stories.
  6. After the meeting, newcomers are often encouraged to connect with other members, exchange contact information, and ask questions about the program. They may also be encouraged to seek out a sponsor, an experienced member who can provide one-on-one support and guidance throughout the recovery process.

In summary, newcomers are greeted with warmth and understanding at Gamblers Anonymous meetings. The group’s supportive atmosphere and welcoming nature help ensure that new members feel at ease and are encouraged to begin their recovery from gambling addiction.

Are there different types of GA meetings?

Understanding the various types of GA meetings can help you find the most appropriate one for your needs. Several meeting formats are designed to cater to different stages of recovery, support networks, and personal preferences.

Main Meetings

Main Gamblers Anonymous meetings are gatherings where compulsive gamblers come together to support each other through the challenges of gambling addiction. These Gambler anonymous meetings do not involve counselors or professionals, only individuals struggling with compulsive gambling who seek mutual support and encouragement.

Mixed Meetings

Mixed meetings follow a similar format to main meetings, but they also welcome family members and friends of compulsive gamblers. This inclusive environment allows loved ones to learn more about gambling addiction and provide support for those in recovery.

Newcomers Meetings

Newcomers’ meetings are specifically designed for those new to overcoming gambling addiction. These meetings function similarly to main meetings but are tailored to address the unique concerns and challenges faced by newcomers to GA.

Steps Meetings

Steps meetings cater to individuals who have successfully abstained from gambling for some time and are ready to focus on the Twelve Steps of Recovery. These meetings delve deeper into the principles of the 12 Steps and guide those working through each step.

Women-Preferred Meetings

Women-preferred meetings are open to all compulsive gamblers but are particularly suitable for women seeking a supportive and understanding environment. These meetings may address issues and concerns specific to women in recovery from gambling addiction.

Open Meetings

Open Gamblers anonymous meetings are annual events where compulsive gamblers and their friends and family gather to celebrate and recognize milestones in abstinence from gambling. These emotional and inspirational meetings offer a unique opportunity to share success stories and strengthen the sense of community within GA.

Gam-Anon Meetings

“Combined GA/Gam-Anon” meetings refer to a gathering where both Gam-Anon and Gamblers Anonymous members come together.

Gam-Anon meetings are designed for friends and family members of compulsive gamblers, providing them with a supportive space to share their experiences and learn from others in similar situations.

By familiarizing yourself with the various types of GA meetings available, you can choose the one that best fits your needs and preferences, ensuring a supportive and effective experience in your journey toward recovery.

What is Gamblers Anonymous yellow book?

The Gamblers Anonymous Yellow Book, also known as the “Yellow Combo Book,” is a compilation of literature that Gamblers Anonymous (GA) published. This book is a helpful resource for members recovering from compulsive gambling. It includes a variety of materials to help guide and support members, such as:

  1. The Twelve Steps of Gamblers Anonymous: These are the core principles of the GA program, adapted from the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. They provide a framework for recovery, personal growth, and spiritual development.
  2. The Twelve Traditions of Gamblers Anonymous: These traditions outline the organizational principles and values that help maintain GA’s unity and effectiveness. They are essential for preserving the group’s primary purpose of helping compulsive gamblers achieve lasting recovery.
  3. Personal stories and testimonials: The Yellow Book contains personal accounts from GA members who have found recovery and hope through the program. These stories offer inspiration, encouragement, and valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of the recovery process.
  4. Information on meeting formats and procedures: The book guides how GA meetings are conducted, including suggested readings, sharing guidelines, and tips for chairing meetings.
  5. Prayers and meditations: The Yellow Book also contains various prayers and meditations that members can use to support their spiritual growth and recovery.
  6. Other recovery tools and resources: The book may include additional materials, such as the GA Unity Program, tools for sponsorship, and guidelines for public information and cooperation with the professional community.

The Gamblers Anonymous Yellow Book is an essential resource for members, providing the necessary tools, guidance, and support to navigate their recovery journey. It is a valuable companion for newcomers and seasoned GA fellowship members.


Attending your first Gambler’s Anonymous meeting can be a transformative experience that marks the beginning of your recovery journey. By understanding the meeting structure, connecting with fellow members, and staying committed to your recovery, you can build a strong foundation for lasting change. Remember that everyone at the meeting is there to support you, and by working together, you can overcome gambling addiction and build a healthier, happier future.

Gamblers Anonymous can be great, and it works well for certain people. If you need an alternative to GA, QuitGamble.com is an online platform dedicated to helping people with gambling problems break free of addiction. Check out the resources on the website, and join the community with over 1900 members worldwide.

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