Can Bettors Anonymous help me stop gambling?

Betting has been part of human history for ages. Gamblers Anonymous was founded to support those struggling with betting addiction.

Bettors Anonymous

Since its inception in 1957, GA has become the go-to fellowship for numerous individuals fighting with their betting habits. This article will examine Bettors Anonymous, a sub fellowship that grew out of Gamblers Anonymous in the 1990s. The question we want to answer is: Can Bettors Anonymous help me stop gambling?

Bettor Anonymous is a resource for betting addicts. However, BA may not be suitable for everyone. If you’re seeking an alternative, QuitGamble.com provides a welcoming online community and a range of resources to aid you on your path to recovery. We invite you to browse our website and determine if it’s the right fit for you.

The roots of BA can be traced back to 1990 in Stoneham, Massachusetts. A group established their fellowship, drawing inspiration from the foundational “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions” of “Alcoholics Anonymous.” Bettors Anonymous was officially formed through a collective decision made by the group. The success of the BA meetings helps the group expand throughout North America. Today, Bettors Anonymous is an international fellowship devoted to helping compulsive bettors achieve recovery.

Thousands participate in weekly Bettors Anonymous meetings at various locations worldwide, providing mutual understanding, strength, and hope through uplifting testimonies and shared experiences.

What is Bettors Anonymous?

Bettors Anonymous is a 12-step program designed for individuals wrestling with compulsive betting. BA uses spiritual principles to help people overcome their betting addiction.

Bettors Anonymous’s objective is to end compulsive betting and support members in everyday lives free from betting disorder. BA organizes meetings where attendees can exchange stories and acquire coping skills to achieve that. Furthermore, BA offers educational resources on responsible betting habits and connects members with counseling services if necessary.

Some research indicates that participation in support meetings can help reduce betting addiction symptoms and increase members’ abstinence rates over time. To ensure optimal effectiveness, it is crucial for those struggling with pathological betting to regularly attend meetings and remain dedicated to completing all steps outlined during these sessions.

Bettors Anonymous Meeting Structure

Bettors Anonymous meetings offer a structured setting for individuals to gather, share their experiences, and support each other in recovering from betting addiction. A typical BA meeting lasts around one to an hour and 20 minutes, following a specific format. The meeting may encompass a mix of reading, sharing therapy, and group discussions. Below is a detailed overview of the various components of a BA meeting:

  • Opening and welcome: Meetings often start with a welcome message, followed by a brief introduction to the group’s purpose and principles. Newcomers are recognized and made to feel at ease.
  • Readings: BA meetings typically involve reading selected literature, such as the Yellow & Blue Books, the Twelve Steps of Recovery, or other materials relevant to the group’s focus. These readings help set the tone and lay the groundwork for subsequent discussions. Everyone reads aloud, but no one is forced to do so.
  • Check-in and sharing: Participants can share their personal experiences, challenges, and progress related to their betting addiction. The sharing process enables individuals to express their feelings and concerns, receive feedback and support from the group, and learn from others’ experiences. This part of the meeting is usually structured, with each member taking turns to speak, ensuring equal participation opportunities. Each participant begins by saying, “I’m XXX. I’m a compulsive gambler, and my last bet was YYY.
  • If newcomers are present, they will be asked Bettors Anonymous’ 20 Questions sometime during the meeting. Answer the questions honestly, don’t worry if you answer YES to most questions; that’s why you’re attending the meeting.
  • Discussion and feedback: After the sharing session, the meeting may move into a group discussion where members can react to each other’s stories, offer suggestions, or encourage. The interactive element of the meeting helps foster a sense of community and support among participants.
  • Break (optional): Depending on the meeting’s length and structure, there might be a short break for attendees to stretch, use the restroom, or grab a drink. The break also allows members to engage in casual conversation and form connections with others in the group.
  • Special topics or focused discussions: Some BA meetings may include special topics or focused discussions related to specific aspects of betting addiction, such as coping strategies, triggers, or financial management. These sessions provide additional resources and guidance for members addressing particular challenges in their recovery journey.
  • Closing and announcements: As the meeting concludes, the group leader may share relevant announcements, like upcoming events, workshops, or speaker meetings. Finally, the session ends with a moment of reflection, a group prayer, or a recitation of the Serenity Prayer, which serves as a reminder of the group’s shared commitment to recovery.

By understanding the structure and format of Bettor Anonymous meetings, newcomers can feel more comfortable and prepared to participate actively in the supportive community that Bettors Anonymous offers.

Bettors Anonymous Online Meetings

Participating in a Bettors Anonymous online meeting can be beneficial for many people. Gaining support and understanding while dealing with a betting problem can be challenging, but BA online meetings are designed with that in mind. Bettor Anonymous Zoom meetings enable compulsive gamblers and their family and friends to seek help from others facing similar issues.

Bettor Anonymous provides virtual meetings that individuals can attend via Zoom or phone. It allows those who may not have access to in-person sessions due to travel restrictions, illness, or other circumstances to still benefit from being part of the Bettors Anonymous community. Additionally, it helps minimize the stigma associated with attending such meetings since participants don’t need to leave home.

Gam-Anon also offers virtual Gam-Anon meetings for families affected by someone else’s betting addiction. Through these digital platforms, loved ones of compulsive bettors can gain insight into how best to support their family members while learning more about how this issue might affect them. Armed with this knowledge, they’ll be better equipped to work towards a resolution together as a united front—another resource for helping a gambling addict you find on QuitGamble.com. You can also join the community to find others in your situation.

The online Bettors Anonymous meetings present an opportunity for healing and growth through fellowship and shared experiences – something no one should ever feel ashamed of exploring or seeking help with.


Can Bettors Anonymous help me stop gambling? Yes, BA is one alternative you can test to get the support you need to stop gambling. The 12-steps process works for some compulsive gamblers. BA will give you some structure to work with, and the support meetings will show you that you’re not alone with your problems.

If you’re not ready to go to a meeting, QuitGamble.com could be a helpful alternative. On QG, you can remain anonymous, work through the courses, and engage with members from all over the world. The platform is open 24/7; you can access it on your desktop or via the mobile app.

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