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Nonviolent Communication

Learn nonviolent communication

I’ve created a fun, engaging animated video course to teach you Nonviolent Communication, NVC. Here are a few reasons why you should take this course:

  • You’re not responsible for other people’s feelings
  • Best tool to avoid becoming co-dependent
  • Helps improve and protect your self-esteem
  • Become immune to criticism
  • Learn how to say and hear NO

A good salesperson would probably shut up now and just give you an offer. But I’m too excited to get the opportunity to show you the power of nonviolent communication. If you haven’t seen the video where Mia finds out about Brian’s gambling addiction, I must show it to you!

There are 2 aspects of this course. You’ll learn many things that can help you handle the situation with the gambler. But you can also improve many other aspects of your life. By learning NVC, you’ll take a big step in your personal development.

Communication can cause a lot of pain – Both in ourselves and others. How do you talk to yourself after you’ve made a mistake? Do you blame yourself for what the gambler has done?

When you start learning nonviolent communication, you’ll not only be a better communicator with others. You’ll also understand yourself better.

Nonviolent Communication Course Plan

The course is divided into four modules. Each module has lessons, videos, exercises, and challenges. You could learn NVC at sleepy seminars. Or you can take this fun, animated video course!

  1. Introduction
    It gives you an overview of the course and what it can help you do. I’ll also share my own experience using NVC.
    • What is Nonviolent Communication?
    • What can NVC do for you?
    • Why did I build this program?
    • What the heck is Empathy?
  2. The NVC Process
    You’ll learn the connections between feelings and needs, the difference between observation and opinion, and how to make a request rather than a demand.
    • Observation and Opinion
    • The Magic of Feelings
    • What are your Needs?
    • Responsibility for Our Feelings and Needs
    • Needs – Special Training
    • How to make a request!
  3. Create a contact
    How to use NVC to create connections with yourself and other people. It will also help you handle mistakes differently.
    • The power of Self-Empathy
    • How to Listen with Empathy
    • Express yourself with Honesty.
  4. NVC in Action
    How to apply NVC in different situations. Handle criticism, say no, and express real anger without physical violence.
    • How to handle NO
    • No more shit – Scream with NVC
    • How to express Anger!
    • NVC in Recovery
    • He’s an idiot

+ Help a Family Member

Total Package Value €599.99

89 .99

€510 savings
Perfect Combo Deal! Use Nonviolent Communicatoin to protect yourself towards co-dependece, and improve your chances to talk to the gambler without they getting angry.
  • Access To The Following Courses:
  • Help a Family Member
  • Learn Nonviolent Communication
  • Features:
  • 44 Videos
  • Practical Exercises
  • Life Time Updates
  • Bonus Materials
  • Emails Support


Total Value €1100

149 .99

€950 savings
We’ve put together a set of courses to maximize your chances to help the gambler, while taking care of yourself.
  • Access To The Following Courses:
  • Help a Family Member
  • Learn Nonviolent Communication
  • Improving Your Self-Esteem
  • Make Stress Your Super Power
  • How to Set Goals
  • Features:
  • 69 Videos
  • Practical Exercises
  • Life Time Updates
  • Bonus Materials

14 days Money Back Guarantee

We’re happy to offer you a 14-days Money Back Guarantee. If you’re for some reason is’nt satisfied, you can claim your money back within 14 days.

About the instructor


I’m a Passionate problem solver who wants to make the world a better place. To help people struggling with addiction is my best way to do that.

I’ve worked with for the past 5 years. I want to share with you what I’ve learned from dealing with over 6000 gambling addicts.


  1. How much time does the course take?
    The course comprises 20 lessons, each 3-8 minutes long. Just rushing through the videos will take a few hours. But doing all the exercises, challenges, and flashcards will take a few weeks. Then, it’s up to you how much you use it daily. We’ve tried to create exercises that help you practice NVC while watching TV, talking with friends, and talking to yourself.
  2. What is the refund policy
    We’re confident that you’ll love the course. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, you have a full money-back guarantee within 14 days of the purchase.
  3. How can this NVC course help me help the gambler?
    The course will help you in several ways. First, it will help you understand that you are not responsible for what other people are doing or feeling. This is important because it helps protect your self-esteem, which can otherwise be affected by co-dependence.
  4. The course will also help you talk to the gambler. It’ll show you how to approach the situation with open and exploratory questions rather than asking why the person did what they did.
  5. The course will also help you deal with anger, handle criticism, and learn how to forgive.

WOW – Don’t miss this Course!

This is a course like no other. Learning nonviolent communication is a lifetime skill that will help you in many areas of your life. Of course – Communicating with people is important. BUT – Have you ever considered how you talk to yourself? If you’re like me, you easily get angry… why is that? In this course, we’ll teach you how to deal with anger, get immune to criticism and rejection, and YES – How to talk with a gambling addict without making them lash out!

NVC is a fantastic tool if you want to help someone with gambling while at the same time protecting yourself.

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Written by Krystian Okaz