The Gambless App – Alternative to QuitGamble

The Gamss app is an alternative to Like, Gambless uses CBT to help people with gambling problems. Some of Gambless’ features are free to use, and others cost money. The courses cost $49/course.

Gambless gambling problem app

The following article is based on information provided on Gambless’ website.

How does Gambless App work?

Do you know how to prevent gambling-related harm and treat pathological gambling? Gambless is a mobile app that uses a holistic mental health approach. It provides users with plenty of helpful information, such as:

  1. Informative articles
  2. Self-care diary
  3. Coping-skills exercises
  4. Diagnostic tests
  5. Emergency chatbot
  6. Psychoeducational courses

However, it should be noted that Gambless is not intended to replace professional medical advice and cannot answer any medical queries. Gambless can be used in combination with Gamban or Betblocker. The resources the application provides are meant to help in self-growth rather than being an exclusive diagnostic or therapeutic tool. All material on the website has been created for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for personalized medical care.

Gambling addiction can occur even without exhibiting pathological behavior. To prevent such issues, Gambless tries to educate individuals on the risks associated with gambling. Anyone involved in gambling can benefit from using Gambless. Even those not personally affected by compulsive gambling can learn more about it and use the knowledge to help their friends or family members.

In 2018, a team of psychologists began researching how to make professional treatment affordable. Different formats were tested, from webinars to handbooks, until a stepwise process was chosen based on the positive feedback received each month. It led the Gambless App team to create the Mindspa mobile application with features designed to promote mental well-being, a forerunner to Gambless. Here is a list of other anti-gambling apps.

What features does Gambless have?

Gambless is a multilingual platform currently available in English, Italian, and Russian, with more languages to be added soon. The app offers users features such as a

  • Article Feed – For updates and new articles
  • Self-help Courses
  • Diary to monitor your progress and daily life.
  • “Psychosutra” a set of skills, exercises, and coping mechanisms
  • Self-assessment test to check for risk factors and risk of gambling problems
  • Emergency chatbot that can help direct the user to emergency support.

Among the courses, you’ll find three courses about problem gambling. They also have courses to deal with: Emotional Intelligence, Antistress, Jealousy, and anti-loneliness.

Gambling addiction is a serious issue that affects many people worldwide. According to studies, more than 3% of the world’s population suffers from gambling disorder. This alarming statistic should indicate how crucial it is for individuals struggling with this condition to seek help and find effective treatments.

The Gambless app provides an innovative solution using evidence-based therapeutic techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Gestalt therapy. CBT focuses on developing self-awareness and encourages users to take control of their behaviors. Meanwhile, Gestalt therapy is designed to teach patients to become aware of their feelings and environment so they can better manage potential triggers.

The team of psychologists has developed comprehensive psychoeducational courses, including the problem gambling program, to address these issues. The classes are structured into multiple sections, providing users with daily lessons and assignments to educate them about the topic and allow gradual changes over time. It also gives actionable tips on consciously understanding needs and emotions and actively taking control of their gambling behavior.

It’s essential to recognize that gambling addiction doesn’t just affect the individual but also those around them. Therefore, it is necessary to provide accessible resources and tools to support those who need help. With the Gambless app, we hope to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals suffering from gambling addiction.

By leveraging these two therapeutic techniques, the Gambless app helps those battling gambling addiction make more informed decisions and lead healthier lives.

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Alternatives to Gambless

Gambless is an interesting mobile app to stop gambling. It’s one of few that focus on the underlying causes of addiction by offering courses. The Quit Gamble app offers courses, a huge community of users wanting to stop gambling, challenges, animated videos, and extensive guides. You can also do the Happiness Test to assess where you are today to understand where you should start your journey to become gambling free.

RecoverMe is another app that focus on people with gambling problems. You can read more pros and cons about RecoverMe on our stop gambling apps page.

About Gambless:

Mind Solutions Ltd. is a private company that runs two mobile applications, Mindspa and Gambless. Mind Solutions LTD is run by the CEO, Maurizio Savino. The company prides itself on being independent and transparent in working with gambling operators, industry lobbies, governing bodies, and other organizations. The B2C business model of Mindspa allows it to be adaptive to customer trends and needs while remaining profitable without relying on external help. Alternatively, the B2B model of Gambless focuses on partnering with gambling operators and governing bodies to increase the reach of support tools for those suffering from addiction.

Moreover, the company promises never to share users’ data with anyone. It contributes to research regarding gambling addiction by publishing aggregate data and running case studies in cooperation with research organizations. They have an independent team of psychologists who control the app’s content to uphold this commitment. Here are 4 key points to remember:

  • 1) Gambless is independently operated and transparent.
  • 2) Mindspa has a B2C business model and Gambless has a B2B model.
  • 3) Data privacy is guaranteed.
  • 4) Gambless actively works towards understanding compulsive behaviors through research


If you’re curious about Gambless, find more information on their website You can also download their app in Appstore or Google Play. Gambless has an interesting approach, and its selection of courses is a bit different from Every problem gambler is other, so perhaps Gambless works better for you than QuitGamble. No matter what you choose, we wish you all the best. 

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