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We’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible tools to quit gambling. At this stage, we can’t provide meetings like Gamblers Anonymous.

Hopefully, that will be a feature in the future. Currently, we’re developing a feature where you as a user can schedule a Zoom Meeting that is hosted through the QG platform. Say you’d like to have a meeting on Friday at 6 pm CET. Then you can schedule it in our meeting calendar so everybody can see it. If you want, you can add some information about what you’d like to discuss. You can also share the invitation link in the activity field to tell people about it. Launch: The feature is under development, and we will release it when we reach 300 members on the platform. Future possibilities:

  • Meetings with a dedicated moderator.
  • Meetings for specific subjects
  • Q&A sessions for QG programs

Give yourself a high-five! //QG Team

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