Buddy Function

We’re currently building a Buddy function for QuitGamble.com. The idea is to give each member a Buddy to discuss and follow up with.


QuitGamble.com is online-based. It has both pros and cons. We believe physical meetings are good, and our platform as an excellent complement to that. QG is available when you need it, and there are always people online to talk with.


We’re not using the same Sponsor system that Gambling Anonymous is. Instead, we believe in collaboration. In the Block “Helping Others,” you’ll learn about all the benefits of acts of kindness. We don’t want to exclude anyone from that! Therefore, anybody can become a Buddy on QG.


To get a Buddy, click the “Get a Buddy” button in your Profile. There you can add some data about yourself so the system can match you with a suitable person. If you have any preferences, you can also add them there.


QuitGamble.com is built to encourage collaboration and helping each other. When your Buddy is offline you can talk with other people in the chat or forum.

Founder of QuitGamble Anders Bergman
Anders Bergman
Anders Bergman MSc, MA
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