Join something bigger is designed to encourage people to regain control over their lives. To add some extra spices, we decided to add a point system. For each task, video, and forum post you make, you’ll get some points.

The points can later be converted to trees.

One of the biggest challenges we face today is global warming. Sadly, we don’t believe people will change behaviors to save the world. People don’t want to stop traveling, nor will everyone become vegan.

The only solutions to save the world are through technology and finance. Even if there are a lot of interesting projects going on, we are not there yet.

What can we do in the meantime?

We can stall global warming by planting trees. Every time you use the you help the world to be a better place.

Isn’t that an exciting thought? The more you engage and help yourself on the platform. The more trees you’ll inspire us to plant.

Founder of QuitGamble Anders Bergman
Anders Bergman
Anders Bergman MSc, MA
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