Damn Parasite

Dear Mr. Gambling Devil! This letter is for you, you damn parasite!

You enter people’s lives with the belief that YOU will bring happiness, love, and joy.

You are always there, just waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

You are cunning and come creeping slowly, but surely, When people feel bad… When people need an extra kick… When people are sad and.. When people are happy.


You tell people that they need you, that you are good to them, and that you are the key to happiness. Some people believe your lies; some don’t.

Those who are fragile, or at that very moment need a friend, believe in your wicked games and manipulative words about finding HAPPINESS AND BEAUTY together.

You’ve been in the background of my life for 11 years.

I never understood that you could do such harm, that you were so strong that you could make a human being willing to sacrifice everything for you, that your “friendship” was stronger than the love of a child or the closeness of a family.

You made promises over and over. Promises you most often broke. I’ve seen tears shared for you, how things were destroyed and how hearts got broken. I’ve experienced many sleepless nights, all because you didn’t keep your promise about a better world.

Friends come, and friends go, but you were the strongest friend of them all. You made people change from who they once were, and you removed joy from everything else. You were the only happiness and friend one needed.

You were always there: day and night, like a fog, a feeling of void, and a feeling of loss. One waited for the day when the sun would return. Some days, a few sunrays pierced the fog. But you made sure they didn’t last for long.

When the betrayals were too big, I’ve wiped tears, picked up the wreckages of your doing, and defended you in front of others.

You’re a disgusting parasite.

You were invisible and left no smell. One couldn’t even see you in the eyes of the person one loves. BUT you were always there!

You are more dangerous than anything else I’ve experienced. You slowly, but surely, crush everything in your path!

What kind of friend are you? What kind of friend breaks up families, ruins their lives, takes all their possessions and all their money???  You rip their dignity and, in the worst case, even their lives! You can’t be stopped!

My hope was the last to falter: A hope that one-day people would realize the truth about you and put an end to your destructive rampaging. A day when the sunshine returns, and the sunrays scatter the elusive mist. A day when your victim could break free to see the love in a child’s eyes and to feel the hugs from someone with only their best at heart. A day when they once more can feel what true love is.


The day when the tears had dried and the wrecks were cleaned up. When the love of life had won, and the joy of your absence is stronger than you ever were.

We have a challenging journey ahead! My love and I, together, will do everything never to see your ugly face again.

Hand in hand, we’ll do this. And you can never break that bond again!

You define hatred, and destruction, and you’re an evil parasite!

You’re the drawback of gambling.

You are the one that people do not dare to talk about.

You’re the one who systematically destroys people.

It’s time to expose you for what you really are. To let people know the truth about the pain, destruction, and harm you really advocate. 

Because you’re not here to make the world a better place, you only exist to ruin lives, destroy relationships, and bring out the worst in people.

Mr. Gambling Devil, Checkmate! The End! You’re not welcome in our lives anymore, bye!

//From a now happy relative who won my life back.

Founder of QuitGamble Anders Bergman
Anders Bergman
Founder of QuitGamble.com, responsible for all content on the platform. He is a dedicated problem solver, with 4 years of…more about Anders