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  • Very near wins – The masterpiece of manipulation
  • How to create false wins
  • Do you know what Return to Player means?

We don’t think the gambling industry is the enemy, as long as gambling companies don’t deliberately focus on people with gambling problems. However, many slot machines are created so you should keep playing, which means that there is a greater risk that you get hooked. We have created the following text with “Mr Casino” to show you have the slot machines are created, and the actual chance of winning on them. We hope you’ll enjoy the read (or if you prefer to watch the videos.

Doesn’t it feel like someone really wants you to believe that? Who is that? Every day you are bombarded with gambling commercials… Why?
The message is clear, DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE. Take the chance to become wealthy and change your life… It could have been you! NO, it should have been you!

You’re exposed to commercials when you watch a movie, on headboards in the city, as soon as you open a website… It’s there… ALL THE TIME! Who is behind everything? Who is so desperate to get you to believe that you can be a winner? Who finances all commercials? How does he think?

Meet Mr. Casino. He is a man with deep pockets. Every year he spends 10 Billion Dollars on gambling commercials. He has a sinister plan.
A secret 3 steps agenda to get to your money.

To entice you to start playing.  How? He will exploit your often mundane day to day and your expectations of more… Who isn’t dreaming about long holidays on a warm beach, a cold umbrella drink and a flashy car parked outside the house?Mr. Casino is creating a picture in your head of what is possible, MORE IMPORTANTLY, HOW EASY IT IS TO WIN!

Get you hooked.  He wants to make your dreams so real that you start to believe in them. Soon it’s your turn… You’ve only been unlucky so far… Mr. Casino is fishing with your dreams as bait.

Mr. Casino wants to keep you playing. Deposit more money, increase your bets, and take larger risks. The message is obvious… If you stop now, someone else will steal the jackpot that has your name on it… How would it feel if someone else won


Naturally, this is something Mr. Casino wants to hide… He doesn’t want you to think about this when you’re exposed to his shiny offers… In fact, he doesn’t want you to think at all…

Have you ever fallen asleep in a commercial break? What did you dream about?

Did you dream about how the huge jackpot became yours? It could have been me… Most players win, according to Mr. Casino. It’s easy to win, AND if you don’t take the chance, someone else will gladly take it! Does the press release about Caroline feel familiar? It was she who won 1.6 Million USD… and she only bet 50 cents…



WOHO, big money is coming in… You won!!! Congratulations!!!

The casino looks like the big loser. Finally, it’s payback time! BUT Mr. Casino looks super excited over your big win… He jumps up and down in celebration… Does he know anything you don’t? Mr. Casino might even give you something extra as an added bonus just as a coincidence. He wants to butter up your ego with flattery and gifts… Because Mr. Casino knows… he knows that something is happening inside you when you win…

Does Mr. Casino know that your brain has been over washed with dopamine? Does Mr. Casino know that your brain hardly can differ between luck and skill? Does Mr. Casino know that your brain soon wants more?

Mr. Casino’s trap has finally paid off. He has someone on his hook, someone that will continue gambling… But he wants to be sure, entirely sure that you will continue to play. He can’t afford to lose you now. Mr. Casino will do anything to keep you playing… anything to get that hook to stick even firmer to you. How will he do it? To himself, he thinks:

How can I get the customer to believe that the win will come in the next round?

How can I get the customer to forget about his losses?

How can I get the customer to BELIEVE he has won, despite the fact he’s actually lost?

How can I create very near wins?

Very near wins

The masterpiece of manipulation

Mr. Casino knows it’s almost as easy to manipulate a game as it is to manipulate a brain. He continues to think… How can I exploit the customer’s good beliefs? If he thinks he almost won, the chances he will try again, and again increases… How can I manipulate a scratch ticket? I know… In most scratch tickets you need to get 3 of the same symbol. What if I create a lot of 2s… 2s on high wins!

Then the customer will believe he almost became a millionaire. In reality, he was not even close… SMART!

2x so close to the big money… Or was it? A slot machine must be controlled by a random generator. However, the code can be manipulated to create close wins as well, as long as, the return to player remains the same… To trick you, Mr. Casino creates a jackpot wheel with 20 equal-sized fields. To the eye, it looks like a 1:20 chance to win the big jackpot…

But Mr. Casino is creating an illusion… The real probability is perhaps 1:1000 000.

If the game wasn’t rigged, then you’d have 1:20 to win $1M… YOU’RE BEING TRICKED! Haha, I love this, Mr. Casino thinks. How can I exploit the sound effects that are so addictive? We need more of them…. If I create a game where nearly wins have the same sound effect as the actual win, the customer will have a hard time distinguishing between wins and losses. BRILLIANT! It is exciting! So what is the problem? SURE, it is exciting… But what happens when something is really exciting? Mr. Casino knows this perfectly well… He knows that your brain can’t separate wins and almost wins… The dopamine rush is not created of the win, instead, the excitement leading up to with win… If the build-up ends in a loss does not matter. It means that your brain more often will be exposed to dopamine for almost wins rather than actual wins…

Mr. Casino continues. It’s too bad, it’s illegal to create correlations between the games… I would have so much fun then… But perhaps I can get the customer to believe there is a correlation! So to you, he’ll say: Wow, that was so close… NEXT TIME it’s your turn! You’re getting closer and closer to the win!

How to create


The customers think it’s boring when they don’t win… To solve this Mr. Casino gets an idea. If both the sound effect and the screen indicate victory, the customer will automatically believe he won! If he then loses more than he won, there is a big chance he will not notice. Think, he bets $10 and wins $2… What a fantastic WIN/WIN… 2 to him and 8 to me… If I praise and encourage him, the risk he will discover my ingenious bluff will decrease.

Doesn’t sounds like a win… What do you think?

There are some things Mr. Casino desperately wants to hide. What would happen if the customers would know how few it is who really wins?

How can I get them to believe it’s easy to win? 10 Billion USD on gambling commercials should work… I can combine that with fake success stories about people that bet cents and won millions to be more convincing. Hehe, my latest trick to publish sponsored articles with winning systems for blackjack, slots, and roulette in regarded newspapers is also giving a high return. Let’s not forget to use time-limited offers. It offers a clear message to not miss out… I want them to dream… not think! Mr. Casino does anything to deceive and lure you to continue playing.

This video has presented how he thinks and what tools he controls. IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE



QuitGamble.comhas collaborated with professors in mathematics to calculate the real numbers… Can you gamble to win? What is the actual chance to win? NOW WE WILL GIVE YOU THE TRUTH, THE TRUTH THE ENTIRE GAMBLING INDUSTRY WANTS TO HIDE!

Do you know what Return to Player means?

If you bet $10 on average and on average win $5, the return to player is 50%. Mr. Casino is tempting you with slot machines with up to 96% return to the player… 96% sounds impressive and can be compared to 50% for a standard scratch ticket… BUT, what does 96% really mean? It means you lose 4% of each bet! How many bets can you make in 1 min? 30 min? 5 hours?
To count low, you have time to bet 10x/minute… So what are the odds you’ll make a surplus? Not win a lot, just to have more money after the game than before…

In 30 minutes you’ll bet 300x. The chance you have more money than you began with is 11%… If you gamble for 5h, THE CHANCE IS ONLY 1.5% that you’re a winner! How many hours did you play last year? Mr. Casino will do anything to hide these facts from you… To hide the truth, he will distract you with gifts, bonuses, trips, and bombard you with success stories and other offers…

He’s priority #1 is that you focus on something else than the TRUTH.


How about blackjack?

Mr. Casino will quickly say… Blackjack is a game of skills… True, there is an element of skill in blackjack. If you play it perfectly, you have 47% to win each round. If we add up all round in an hour, the chance is down to 23%. If you would play 1h/week for a year, the chance to become a winner is 1.9%… Discouraging? You’re unlucky! It will soon turn around… Mr. Casino offers you a free beer to keep your hopes up…

Scratch tickets are very popular. A Swedish ticket called Triss is marketed as “Suddenly it happens.” It has a return to players just shy of 50%… How long time is “Suddenly”? If you’d buy 2 tickets weekly on an annual basis, it will take on average 200 years before you win more than you lose one year… Suddenly, suddenly feels like an eternity… To put it into perspective. If Napoleon Bonaparte had still been alive and played Triss twice a week, he would still not have been a winner… If we were him, we would probably also have preferred our chances to invade Russia too…

Can you make money from gambling?

Mr. Casino is spending 10 billion USD every year to convince you that you can that… Why do you think he does that? The lies must come to an end… Mr. Casino must be stopped! Do you agree? Share the video and the information on… IT’S TIME TO REVEAL THE TRUTH!