Comparison of QG and Facebook

I’ve been a proud member of Facebook for the past 14 years. Okay, a proud member might be an overstatement, but as vain as I sometimes am, I see myself as an “early adopter” joining in 2006…

Facebook has its pros and cons, and when we created, we wanted to do something else. This is not an article about the power of social media. It’s an attempt to compare Facebook with what QG can offer you.

Let’s begin with 5 reasons you might hesitate to leave Facebook.

  1. Everyone has Facebook! Do you know anybody who doesn’t have FB? FB has reached so many that we get surprised when somebody isn’t part of the book of faces.
  2. You know how to use Facebook! The exciting news it that QG looks like a cooler version of Facebook, but without all the negative aspects of “the big brother.”
  3. There are some fantastic Facebook groups for people with gambling problems. Gambling Addiction and Recovery has more than 3800 members, and the Gamblers Anonymous Support Group can boast of 9400+ members. If you’re not a member, we can recommend these great communities with helpful and supportive people. BUT, they are on Facebook, and they are limited to what Facebook allows them to do.
  4. Facebook is free! It’s actually not true. You pay Facebook with your personal data. They track everything you do and sell it to people who wants to know more about you. The American presidential election of 2016 is just one proof of that. will be free for the first 5000 users. After that, new members will be charged a small monthly fee.
  5. You don’t miss anything! But do you need to know everything? Is it really interesting that X is on a trip with Y? Or that Z was at a party last night?

Wow, Facebook has truly changed the world of interaction. Before FB, did even the term social media exist?

BUT do you want more? You’ve probably found this post because you want to stop gambling. Can Facebook do that? Or is Facebook actually one player that makes money from your gambling problems?

Here are 15 reasons why you should use QG instead of FB

  1. QG is optimized to help you quit gambling.
    Everything on QG can be adjusted to help you beat the crap out of addiction! And the social platform is just one of all the tools QG can offer you.
  2. No commercial!
    QG doesn’t display any commercials. Facebook has 1000s of data points on you. Do you think they know if you’re interested in gambling? OF COURSE! And will they use it against you? OF COURSE. Gambling commercials with targeted ads is a problem for many Facebook users. If it’s not a casino commercial, they run ads for other games.
  3. The QG Community is full of members with the same interests as you.
    QG is a platform for people who wants to quit gambling. People like you and me! Be yourself on QG. You don’t need to impress anybody. If you had a tough day, we’re there to support you, and we want to celebrate your victories with you.
  4. QG is so much more than just a social platform.
    Chatting and sharing stories are great, but to really kick addictions ass, you need to target the causes of your addiction. We’ve created programs with videos, lessons, exercises, and challenges to help you do that. The social platform is a great way to discuss and share what you do in the lessons! QG offers a 360-degree concept, where you get the support you need.
  5. There is always somebody to talk with.
    We believe in connecting people. Therefore, we developed a system that connects people who need someone to talk with and those who feel helpful. We know how beneficial it is to help other people, so we created a way for you to do it.
  6. You can be anonymous.
    On Facebook, none is anonymous. They know everything about you, and using a fake name can lead to closed accounts. On QG, you decide what information you want to display. You can use your name or username.
  7. QG is not run by a big corporation.
    On QG, nobody is tracking your movements, what you post, or what you like. All focus on QG is to create a platform that helps people stop gambling addiction.
  8. You’re an essential part of QG
    The members are the core of the QG Community. You have a unique set of skills, experiences, and knowledge. On QG, you can make yourself heard, help yourself by helping others, and make the platform better.
  9. Focus on helping people to stop gamblingFacebook can be chaotic. There are ads, people posts all the time, and Facebook is experts at polling your attention from other things. QG has a clean interface where everything is there for a reason. (And it’s not a way to trick you into staying on the site)
  1. No censorship
    QG has no political orientation nor a member of any religion. We expect our members to keep a friendly tone, and we intend our members to decide the level of the content. There is no “Big brother” looking over what is okay to write.
  2. QG is not listed on the stock market.
    Facebook has to maximize profits for their shareholders. QG has no such goal. Our focus is on creating the best tool to help people kick addiction’s ass.
  1. Help yourself by helping others

Few things are better for your self-confidence, self-esteem, stress levels, and happiness than helping other people. On QG, we want to fully exploit all these benefits by helping you help other people. WOW, it’s perhaps the best thing you can do!

  1. Be part of something bigger than yourself

On QG, you’re offered a chance to grow as a human. As part of our Gamification system (under development), our members can collect activity points. These points can later be converted to planting trees. Let’s beat the crap out of addiction and fight climate change together, one tree at a time.

10 Reasons why QG might be perfect for you:

  1. If you want to have fun, meet new friends and how to stop gambling addiction.
  2. If you believe PAIN is the cause of addiction
  3. If you look for a modern alternative to GA
  4. If you’re tired of Facebook
  5. If you want support 24/7
  6. If you look for a platform that is entirely created for helping you quit gambling.
  7. If you look for a platform full of awesome and helpful people
  8. If you want to be part of something bigger
  9. If you want to feel valued, appreciated and important
  10. If you want to help yourself by helping others

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