For the past 5 years, we have completely funded our development through other projects. (You can read more about it on our about us page.) To continue, and accelerate the development of, we are happy to announce our first donation. Millions of people around the world are struggling with gambling. Through collaborations and donations, we will reach more people.

Affiliate company sponsors with €25,000

To celebrate the 3000th member on, the affiliate and philanthropy company has donated €25,000 to support the project. The team at will also help improve QuitGamble’s social media presence. is an online platform for people with gambling problems. The platform offers help via video courses, guides, support groups, coaching, and a large community. Since its launch in 2021, it has steadily grown. Today, the platform helps over 3300 problem gamblers worldwide.

I’m excited and proud,” CEO Anders Bergman says. “The sponsorship means we can improve the help we offer our members and reach more people. is known for its social media and video expertise. We hope to learn from them to enhance the quality of our videos and services.”

Head of Commercials at Great Tobias Regnestam comments: ”We want to support an organization working with problem gambling, and QuitGamble is the most innovative one we have found. We like their approach of looking for the need behind the problem gambling and how a healthier and happier lifestyle can meet that need instead, thereby ending the problem.

Founder of QuitGamble Anders Bergman
Written by Anders Bergman
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