Jade’s Gambling Addiction Story

Discover Jade Valley’s journey through gambling addiction and her inspiring road to recovery in this podcast summary.

Jade shares her gambling story

Join her and Brian as they discuss the unique challenges faced by women and the importance of support and awareness. Don’t miss this powerful conversation that could change lives. If you want to listen to the full interview, click here.

Super Summary:

Jade Valley and Brian discuss their experiences with gambling addiction, focusing on the challenges and secrecy of mobile gambling. They emphasize the meaning of seeking help, finding support, and raising awareness about the dangers of gambling addiction, especially among women. Jade shares her path to recovery and how she advocates for increased support and resources. At the same time, both express their desire to address the harm caused by gambling addiction instead of banning gambling altogether.

Top 5 Takeaways

  • Gambling addiction can affect anyone, regardless of background or gender.
  • Mobile gambling can make it easier to hide addiction and contributes to the challenge of seeking help. 
  • Recognizing the problem and seeking help is crucial for overcoming gambling addiction.
  • Support from others and sharing experiences can make a significant impact on recovery.
  • Raising awareness about gambling addiction and advocating for increased support and resources.

The Start of Jade’s Gambling Problem

In October 2018, Jade Valley embarked on her gambling journey when she first played online slots. She had never gambled, and it all started with a mere £5 deposit and a £10 bonus. Despite being exposed to gambling ads in London, it was at that moment everything “clicked” for her.

Jade felt lost and lonely at the time, with her daughter having recently started secondary school. In her search for something to fill the void, she turned to online gambling. Initially, Jade won £450 with a 20p bingo ticket and subsequently played higher or lower. Within two days, she won and lost £2,500, which made her realize she had a problem.

Jade married for 16 years and had two children with her husband. They faced their share of challenges, such as their son’s ADHD diagnosis and the school’s insufficient support. These issues affected Jade’s mental health, driving her to seek solace in gambling.

While engaging in online gambling, Jade discovered that the community was somewhat social, featuring chat rooms where people could converse as they played. She believed that the social aspect might have contributed to the appeal of online gambling but also noticed that expressing negativity about losses was discouraged.

Managing Gambling Money and Seeking Help

Jade had multiple accounts with different companies to manage her gambling funds and circumvented the credit card ban by using PayPal. Brian, the podcast host, and a fellow slot player admitted that he was frightened of online gambling, mainly due to the ease of using credit cards.

Fortunately, Jade found assistance through Gamstop, a UK self-exclusion service that helped her avoid gambling sites. When she realized that her gambling was damaging her life and relationships, she knew she had to quit gambling. She was impressed with how quickly she recognized her problem and began working on her recovery.

Jade’s story is a powerful reminder of how gambling can infiltrate our lives and emphasizes the importance of seeking help when needed. If you or someone you know struggles with gambling addiction, don’t hesitate to ask for support.

Brian and Jade honestly discussed their struggles with gambling addiction, touching on the ease and secrecy provided by mobile gambling. They talked about how simple it was to hide the addiction from loved ones and the emotional distress and thoughts of self-harm that could arise from feeling trapped in the cycle. Both pinpointed the importance of seeking help and finding a support system.

Jade shared her story to raise awareness and combat the stigma surrounding gambling addiction, particularly for women. With a predominantly male-oriented gambling industry, women must know they are not alone in their struggles.

Jade’s Road to Recovery and Support from Others

Jade’s willingness to share her experiences has led to connections and support from others facing similar challenges, including messages from around the world. She urged others to seek help and stressed the importance of someone understanding what they are going through. Her story is a reminder that there is hope for a better future and that recovery is possible.

Brian and Jade discussed her recovery from gambling addiction and the steps she had taken to maintain her distance from it. Jade mentioned the Gambling Addiction Calendar app, which helped her track the time and money she saved by not gambling. In just over a year, she saved more than £20,000 and 48 days’ worth of hours.

Jade’s memory was affected by her gambling habit. She often felt as if she were walking around in a haze. She observed that her sleep quality had deteriorated since her gambling days, possibly because she used to wake up and gamble. Brian inquired about the frequency of gambling ads in the UK and how the US could avoid similar issues. Jade argued that the normalization of gambling for children through ads is harmful and that kids should not be exposed to it.

They also discussed the UK’s arcade culture, which has shifted from harmless fun to a more dangerous activity due to the rise of online gambling. Jade believes that the industry needs to implement safety measures to protect people from the devastating consequences of gambling addiction, which has led to a high rate of suicide.

In her recovery journey, Jade utilized self-exclusion through Gamstop but did not use blocking software. To support her recovery, she implemented small measures like

  • Leaving her phone in a different room
  • Going through bills with her husband
  • Sharing financial responsibilities

Jade has found her voice in advocating for gambling recovery and in sharing her gambling addiction story. She is eager to help others who are struggling with gambling addiction. Despite the difficult period she had to endure, she feels she has found her purpose in assisting others.

Support and Awareness for Gambling Addiction

Brian and Jade discussed the importance of support for those in recovery, especially during events like the European Championship, a major football event that can challenge people trying not to place bets. They talked about the lack of support groups for women affected by gambling and Jade’s plans to establish a group with another woman she met on Twitter. They underscored the importance of having support groups led by individuals with lived experience.

Regarding the British government and gambling regulations, Jade believes that gambling companies know what they need to do to prevent harm but often prioritize profit over this. She proposed that these companies should be more accountable for the addictive nature of their products.

Brian and Jade also discussed the responsibility of gambling operators to monitor and identify problematic gambling behavior. For instance, if someone gambles large amounts of money at unusual hours, the operator should investigate whether they can genuinely afford it. They believe that gambling companies should be held partly responsible for the harm caused by rampant gambling addiction.

Jade recounted her experience of being so consumed by gambling that she would ignore her surroundings and how her life has improved since overcoming her addiction. Brian expressed gratitude for Jade’s contributions to the community and her openness in sharing her story, which positively affects others.

They discussed the need for more awareness and warnings about gambling addiction, particularly as gambling becomes more pervasive and accessible through online gambling apps and advertising. They hope to continue the conversation and involve more people to help raise awareness and offer support.

The Dangers of Normalizing Gambling

Brian and Jade touched on the increasing popularity of online gambling and its potential consequences. They discussed how companies compete for market share and offer outrageous bonuses to attract users. For example, Brian mentioned an ad from one operator offering up to $20,000 in bonuses! Please read this article about why you get bonuses. It sounds unbelievable, but there are usually terms and conditions that most people would struggle to meet.

Jade and Brian expressed their concerns about normalizing gambling, especially for children. They talked about the potential harm gambling could cause and how people overlook it simply because it creates jobs and generates revenue for the state. Jade compared it to governments becoming “addicted” to gambling revenue.

The conversation also addressed the slippery slope of legalizing more and more vices to make money and how that could lead to more harmful activities becoming socially acceptable. They discussed the impact of gambling on families, sharing their personal experiences of how it led them to financial difficulties. Jade recalled a particularly challenging memory of trying to stretch £47 to feed her family for a week because of her gambling addiction.

Addressing Gambling Addiction’s Harm

Brian and Jade emphasized that they do not want to ban gambling altogether. Instead, they focus on addressing the harm of gambling addiction, mainly when it affects people and their families negatively. They expressed gratitude for beating their gambling addiction and the lessons they’ve learned from their experiences.

The conversation was a compelling exploration of their stories and thoughts. If you’re interested in learning more about Jade and her writings about her addiction, you can follow her on Twitter @Jade_Violence.


Gambling addiction can impact individuals from all walks of life, regardless of gender or background. By sharing her story, Jade aimed to raise awareness and break down the stigma surrounding gambling addiction, particularly for women. Their conversation highlighted the importance of seeking help and finding a support system to overcome addiction.

As gambling becomes more prevalent and accessible through online platforms and advertising, it’s crucial to continue raising awareness about gambling addiction and its potential consequences. By sharing their experiences and advocating for increased support and resources, Jade and Brian hope to make a positive difference for those struggling with gambling addiction.

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