Author: Dr Jane Oakes

Professional Summary

Dr. Jane Oakes is a renowned expert in the field of gambling addiction treatment and research, with a career spanning over several decades. Her significant roles have included serving as the Gambling Services Coordinator for Turning Point’s National Telephone and Online Services and the Gambling Topic Coordinator and lecturer within the Master of Addictive Behaviours program at Monash University. Dr. Janes Oakes has held prestigious positions at the Statewide Gambling Service and Flinders University, contributing as a team leader, senior clinician, training coordinator, and lecturer.



Research focused on the patterns of relapse in problem gamblers, particularly within the context of electronic gaming machines. The findings have led to deeper insights into the psychological processes contributing to gambling addiction and relapse.

Clinical And Academic Expertise

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
Masters degree in CBT with expertise in providing treatment and supervising clinicians for various conditions including anxiety disorders, depression, trauma AOD (including the Matrix program for methamphetamine), and problem gambling.

Gambling Addiction

Significant contribution to the understanding and treatment of gambling addiction, with a particular focus on the phenomenon of « the zone » experienced by gamblers during relapse.

Telehealth and Online Treatment

Pioneering work in online gambling treatment groups, especially during the COVID pandemic, to ensure continued access to evidence-based treatments.

Role At QuitGamble.Com

Clinical Reviewer: Dr. Jane Oakes is the clinical reviewer at, where she ensures the content’s clinical accuracy and trustworthiness. She reviews materials against current research and clinical standards in addiction and mental health, enhancing the platform’s reliability.


Dr. Oakes brings to a specialized expertise in psychological interventions for problem gambling, mental health issues, and addictive behaviors. Her in-depth knowledge, rooted in years of clinical practice and academic research, directly aligns with the topics discussed on the platform. She ensures that the insights and recommendations shared on are not only theoretically sound but also practically applicable, providing tangible benefits to individuals seeking help. Her expertise reinforces the site’s commitment to delivering content that is not just informative, but also transformative,