Do you use gambling to get some excitement? Do you often get bored? When people get asked when they gamble, a common answer is… When I’m bored! BUT, what if there is a way to eliminate boredom… Would that mean there is one reason less to gamble… and make it easier to stop gambling?

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“Mama, I’m bored, I don’t have anything to do…”

Do you remember ever saying that? Perhaps you’ve got the same thought today…

I’m bored! 

You’re showered with millions of impressions daily, and for the past 25 years, you’ve been trained never to be bored by everyone that wants your attention.

In our modern society, it’s “BAD” to be bored, even if countless studies show how beneficial “boring time” can be…

However, Steven, like many others, gambles when he’s bored!!! The thrilling excitement of the game gives him something to do. AND it breaks his boredom.

Do you often get bored?

What do you do?

Steven wants to quit gambling. A good start is to minimize the times he’s bored…

Yes, it needs some planning…!

BUT, it’s definitely worth it!

Let’s see how Steven does it in lesson 1.