The Block App – Upcoming features
We’d like to offer our members an app that they can install on their devices that blocks all related gambling content. There are some alternatives like Gamban, Gamestop, Betfilter, and a few more today, but we believe we can create something better. Something that is adjusted to our members’ needs.


  • It must be nearly impossible to delete the app from the device for an agreed time.
  • The app shouldn’t interfere with anything else on the device
  • The app will block all gambling sites, gambling apps, and affiliate sites.
  • It should integrate with QG profile


The development is pretty expensive, so we want to have at least 1000 active users on the platform before we start the development.

Future opportunities:

Create an AI function that detects gambling commercials in images and gifs and automatically blocks them from view. Something like Add blocker, but specifically for gambling commercial.

//QG Team

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