I’m not a doctor, nor I have a fancy university degree in psychology. My diplomas are in engineering and economics.

I’m not from a broken home. I had a fantastic childhood, with amazing parents.

My father introduced card games and roulette to me when I was 5 years old… Gambling has been a central part of my life ever since, but even if I played online poker too much for many years, I couldn’t say I showed any symptoms of gambling problems.

I have not worked with addicts for 20 years, nor I have interviewed 1000s of people before I created QuitGamble.com.

For the past 6 years, I’ve worked in the gambling industry. My company has built affiliate sites to compare and promote online casinos. I know most of the dirty tricks, and I have probably invented some of them myself.

We still have some affiliate sites left even if we don’t work actively with any of the sites anymore. Part of the funding for developing QuitGamble.com comes from these sites. The reason we haven’t closed them yet is that we sell backlinks on them

Should you trust me?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve liked learning. I’ve got an MSc in Civil Engineering and an MD in Economics. On the side, I studied personal development and psychology. To be honest, what I read on the side was most interesting.

In 2018 I fell into depression. It was a tough time, and I thought a lot about things. I wanted to follow my dream to make the world a better place. But how?

I wanted to combine my unique knowledge of the gambling industry, with my interests in personal development and use the technical skills we had in the company.

The result is QuitGamble.com


Millions of people are suffering from gambling problems across the world… Some get support, others have to manage on their own. Organizations like Gamblers Anonymous are doing an amazing job, and it works for some people…

But every time I hear someone say things like: “My last bet was 15 years ago, one day at the time”. I feel the need for an alternative to GA…

I’d like to help people regain their individuality… Help them identify themselves as themselves… and not let an old addiction define who they are today…

QuitGamble.com is an alternative…

QuitGamble Challenge

  • We want to help people challenge the status quo of addiction. We want to inspire, motivate and give hope.
  • We believe a happy person is more resistant to any compulsive behavior. Therefore, we focus on making people feel valuable, important and ultimately make them feel happier.
  • We have a passion for personal development. When we mix that with some exciting technological innovations, we can break the bonds of addiction.
  • We have built an online platform for people that wants to stop gambling addiction. An online platform where you’ll find your individual development plan, join a social network, and get access to a large set of exercises, challenges and videos…

Let us challenge YOU to challenge YOURSELF…

Welcome to QuitGamble.com